What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is the bridge that gets you from where you are at the moment to where you want to be through a feasible plan. A life coach will guide you in taking proactive steps to achieve what you want in life, while focusing on your current situation. They provide a nurturing experience that allows you to reconnect with your core values so that you can make progress towards your goals.

Online life coaching in Australia

What are the Benefits of Life Coaching?

Through life coaching, you will gain more insight into your life and be empowered to change what needs to be changed in order to improve your situation and get more out of life. This form of therapy can help you address your personal and professional issues as it offers loads of benefits including:

  • Builds self-confidence
  • Increases motivation
  • Overcomes obstacles
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Eliminates limiting beliefs and bad habits
  • Improves your outlook on life
  • Aligns your values with your goals
  • Reduces stress and uncertainty
  • Fosters healthier relationships
  • Develops personal accountability

If you're stuck in an ugly situation but don't have time to see a life coach as you're wrapped up in your day-to-day commitments, working with one online will help you uncover the tools you need to move forward.

Engaging in life coaching online provides more benefits than an in-person coaching session. You don't have to worry about coming in late for work or missing parents' evening because you got stuck in a traffic jam driving from a life coaching session. Your life coach will be available to you at your most convenient time. In fact, you can schedule an appointment with them even in the evening when you're finally relaxed and they'd be more than happy to oblige.    

How Does Life Coaching Online Work?

You can easily reach out to an online life coach by phone, email, or through a video call application like Zoom. The practitioner will confirm the specific date and time that you booked for and advise you of what you may need to prepare before the appointment such as a stable internet connection, a microphone and a quiet environment among others.

What Can You Expect From Life Coaching Online?

Life coaching online usually takes an hour, with sessions running for about a month or two. The frequency of your session will depend on what you're working on and how fast you achieve your goals. In your initial coaching session, your coach will ask some powerful questions to help you understand your current situation and uncover the best way to get out of it.

Life coaches do not dwell in past events, they are forward-thinkers and their only goal is to motivate other clients to achieve their goals. Your coach will gain a good insight into your challenges so that they can help you harness the tools to resolve these. 

Before your appointment with an online life coach, list your issues on a paper so that you know exactly what to work on and won't be guessing afterwards. Your internet connection and communication device are very important because the successful outcome of your coaching session depends on these. Check them days before your appointment and set them up in a quiet room that's free from distractions.