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Peak Performance 360 - Become an NLP Practitioner

Peak Performance 360

Peak Performance 360 - Become an NLP Practitioner


Member since 2018

Conflict resolution Business Mindset Coaching Guilt Values Anger Emotions Sadness Negative emotions

Christine Safi

Heartfelt - CTC


Member since 2010

Are you ready to make lasting change? CTC is so powerful, as it targets the root causes of the limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears and phobias, that are holding you back.

Grief Tapping Sadness Mental health Happiness Negative emotions Insomnia Addiction Chakras Purpose

Vicki Wright

Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

Strathfield, NSW, 2135
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Member since 2020

Tired of going over the same problems that hold you back from what you truly desire in life? Oftentimes, all it takes is uncovering your inner resources to get out of a bad situation. Let Vicki assist you in identifying the obstacles to your happiness.

Quit smoking Trauma Energy Subconscious Emotional wellbeing Holistic healing Negative habits Habits Fitness Stress management
This account is currently inactive on Natural Therapy Pages, but you can browse from hundreds of other practitioners in your local area.

Sarah Chemaissem

Our Services

Liverpool, NSW, 2170

Member since 2020

Move through your life with purpose & conviction!

Coaching Emotional wellbeing Self-confidence Love Spirituality Anxiety Self-sabotage Happiness Lifestyle Stress management

Najette Caudwell

Hypnotherapy Sydney - NLP & EFT

Strathfield South, NSW, 2136

Member since 2013

Najette Caudwell provides NLP, EFT and SET consultations in Sydney's inner west. if you're ready to take control of your destiny and make positive changes to your life, call Najette to book a consultation today!

Sadness Movement Tapping Relaxation Self-confidence Panic attacks Hypnotherapist Sex therapy Clinical hypnotherapy Overwhelm

Empowered Alchemy

Health & Wellness Training Sessions

Liverpool, NSW, 2170

Member since 2015

Are you interested in learning about the principles, applications & benefits of NLP and art medicine, as well as how they can benefit your personal life or career? Talk to Elizabeth, who has a background in the arts, management and a variety of natural therapies, and begin your journey to success.

Work-life balance Conscious hypnosis practitioner Mind-body medicine Self-love Self-development Fears Hypnotherapist Self-empowerment Clinical hypnotherapy Neuroscience

Shahid Hussain

Green Valley Psychotherapy Practice

Liverpool, NSW, 2170

Member since 2010

Empowering the  Quality of Your Life. We are often challenged with accepting our past, learning to cope with our present and...

Hypnotherapist Sleep disorders Grief Spirituality Person-centred Self-sabotage Creativity Fears Solution-focused therapy Mentoring

Lorraine Taylor

The Mind Transition Clinic

Hurstville, NSW, 2220

Member since 2010

HYPNOTHERAPY/NLP AND COUNSELLING for Addictions, Anxiety, Confidence and Motivation... Location in Ramsgate Beach

Subconscious Lung Clinical hypnotherapy Cancer management Health issues Energy Anxiety Lung cancer Addiction

Tiyana Maksimovich-Binno

Wellspring Consultancy

Earlwood, NSW, 2206

Member since 2008

Holistic healing for: Mind, Emotions, Body & Spirit, Relationships, Life and Career Coaching. Practice since 1986. Works from Earlwood.

Nurturing Distant healing Home visits Physical health Life path Purpose Stress management Well-being Life direction Growth

Mary Jane Beach

Beach's Family Therapy Centre - Counselling

Merrylands, NSW, 2160

Member since 2010

The truth is that counselling services are now widely regarded as among the healthiest things that you can do for yourself or for the people you love who may be going through some difficulties. SPECIAL OFFER: 30% off your first visit when you mention Natural Therapy Pages

Solution-focused therapy Motivation Well-being Early intervention Fears Mental illness Abuse Domestic violence Adults Love

Karen Dess


Croydon, NSW, 2132

Member since 2009

Dissolve resistances create change and become the best version of yourself!

Reading Emotional wellbeing Fears Tarot reading Life direction Motivation Assertiveness training Jungian archetypes Lifestyle Joy

Fiona Djapouras

Fiona Djapouras

Bexley, NSW, 2207

Member since 2018

Fiona Djapouras - Integrative Mindset Coach and Spiritual Healer Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC Master Therapist)  

Numerology Coaching Purpose Eating disorders Fears Trauma Public speaking Habits Emotions Feeling stuck

Ann Eyres

Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Depression & Addictions

Croydon, NSW, 2132

Member since 2006

Hypnosis is the most functional & reasonable way of creating new behaviour, patterns & finding alternative methods of dealing with situations.

Trauma Public speaking Postpartum Habits Arthritis Purpose Obesity Stress management Sexual abuse Fears

Jenetta Haim

Stressfree Management - Counselling

Parramatta, 2150

Member since 2004

Do you often find you dont have someone to talk to or understand what you are going through? Do you find you have a lot of negative thoughts and feelings? Do you find it hard to trust and open up to others?

Trauma Vision Anger Pregnancy support Habits Motivation Healthy eating Lifestyle Supervision Inflammation

Creative Mind & Body

Creative Mind & Body - IBS & Hypnotherapy

North Strathfield, NSW, 2137

Member since 2007

Creative Mind & Body specialises in providing a range of professional Hypnotherapy services for Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers. Call today to discuss the benefits to your health.

Depression Public speaking Weight management Self-esteem Stress management Anxiety Trauma Happiness Diarrhoea Anger

Brigitte Perik

Services - Hypnosis, Coaching, Heartmath, Goulding Process - Sleeptalk

Parramatta, NSW, 2150

Member since 2017

Life not going how you want? Feeling Anxious, Depressed , Angry or Can't Sleep? Maybe you want help to Stop Smoking or reduce /stop drinking alcohol consumption? Perhaps you are struggling with your relationships? Contact me for a complimentary 15 minute strategy session to see how I can help and support you to have the life you do want.

Weight management Stress management Anxiety Heartmath trainer Coaching Stress Stuck Trauma Overwhelm Habits

George Pegios

Hypnotherapy for Addiction, Mental Health, Pain, Insomnia, Etc.

Parramatta, NSW, 2150

Member since 2019

Have a positive change, enhance your virtues and learn about hypnotherapy

Movement Emotional intelligence Lifestyle Clinical hypnotherapy Fears Back pain Telehealth Acute pain Headaches Sciatica

Eunoia Mindset

Eunoia Mindset

Summer Hill, NSW, 2130

Member since 2020

Hey, You! You know that something you are doing right now, is just not working to give you the outcomes and life you want. You know there’s more in you, more you could be, more you could give… You know something is holding you back, you just don’t know ‘what’… or where to even begin looking! We help you find that ‘something’ and radically transform it, leaving you free to move towards the future that’s there, waiting for you.

Coaching Values Mindset Mindset coaching Subconscious Emotions Transformation Transformational therapy Telehealth Neuroscience

Lynette Courtney

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Parramatta, NSW, 2123

Member since 2010       Do you have an issue with unwanted behaviours that are holding you back from achieving your full potential and enjoyment of life? Perhaps your consciousness is not aware of this. Lynette can help!

Adults Purpose Clinical hypnotherapy Pain management Eating habits Relaxation Hypnotherapist Fears Mental health Virtual gastric band

Cherie Richey-Lowe

Cherie Richey-Lowe Hypnotherapist

Parramatta, 2123

Member since 2006

Hypnotherapy and NLP can assist in a wide range of issues from eliminating addictions such as, smoking and sugar,  to freeing you from stress and tension. Hypnotherapy can also assist you in gaining relief from many of the symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause.Sessions available in the Castle Hill office or Online.  

Well-being Fears Conception Addiction Joy Self-confidence Online consultations Hypnotherapist Stress management Belief systems

Anna McDonagh

Anna McDonagh

Dulwich Hill, NSW, 2203

Member since 2009

Anna McDonagh is a Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner and a Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner who specializes in irrititable bowel syndrome, digestion problems, anxiety, and fertility issues.

Health issues Motivation Stress management Anxiety Phobias Energy Stiffness Habits Bloating Emotions

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