Studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Mar 07, 2013

Are you thinking of becoming a Life Coach, Therapist or NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner? Would you like to increase your existing skill base? Sounds like you need to learn a little bit more about NLP before you decide which college and course is right for you.

What is NLP?

NLP is a versatile discipline that examines our patterns of behaviour – specifically how we interact with the world, communicate and the thought processes behind all this activity. It basically helps us to become more self-aware and understand the motivation behind our behaviour.

NLP for Personal Development

NLP is used by high achievers to attain their goals while maintaining and developing high levels of motivation. It can also be used to remove barriers and obstacles on the pathway to success. NLP is also valued for its role in replacing negative behaviour and habits with positive ones, allowing us to optimise our everyday interactions.

Read on to find out more about the various study options.

NLP Practitioner Certification

If you decide to study NLP and obtain practitioner certification you will typically be required to demonstrate competency in the practical and theoretical application of the discipline. A combination of classroom study, assignments and live training will typically compose this training, all contributing to completing the required number of hours of study.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Progressing to become a NLP Master Practitioner typically requires you to have completed the NLP Practitioner Certification. Your thought and communication patterns will now become more natural, as you learn advanced NLP techniques that enable you to operate in a variety of contexts.

NLP Trainer Certification

If you have any element of public speaking, coaching or therapy consulting to your job, then getting certified as a NPL Trainer may well give you valuable additional skills. This training gives you the skills to be a successful trainer or coach, with superior presenting skills. At this stage of your development all processes will be unconsciously communicated.

Like to learn more? Search our NLP schools directory for a college near you, whether you're in Adelaide, Canberra or Sydney. Or you can also try looking for online NLP practitioners.

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FAQs About Studying NLP

What is NLP technique?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It's a modelling approach that employs various techniques to treat behavioural patterns and thought processes that influence the way a person thinks, behaves and communicates with others.

How many NLP techniques are there?

There are over 85 NLP techniques available. To name some of them, there's Dissociation, Swish Pattern, Anchoring, Meta Model, Reframing and Pattern Interruption.

Is NLP worth learning?

Yes. Learning NLP can help you improve your communication and influence skills which in turn can ease the way to your success. It replaces negative behaviours and thought patterns with positive ones to enable you to overcome the hurdles in your life.

How much does NLP training cost?

An NLP training for NLP Practitioner Certification will cost about $4,000. If you wish to advance to NLP Master Practitioner later on, this certification program will cost around $4,500.

What is the best NLP course?

The best NLP training you can get is from the NLP Master Coach course. This coaching qualification combines the skills of both an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, providing you with a specific framework for resolving a client's past issues and guiding them to their goals. It can also expand your skills in areas of public speaking, consulting and coaching.

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