Best Hypnobirthing Practitioners in New South Wales

Dr Julie Phillips-Moore - HypnoBirthing

Dr Julie Phillips-Moore

Dr Julie Phillips-Moore - HypnoBirthing

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Member since 2004

Dr Julie specialises in providing professional HypnoBirthing sessions for both Natural and Caesarean births, to women living in the greater Sydney & Woollahra areas

Reflux Energy & vitality Finances Sexual abuse Memory Childbirth Insomnia Labour Complementary Mood disorders
Kerry White HypnoHealth

Kerry White

Kerry White HypnoHealth

North Rocks, NSW, 2151

Member since 2006

Energy Healing, Hypnobirthing, Energy Healing Online

Depression Energy Labour Hypnotherapist Emotions Sports performance Insomnia Tension Motivation Anger
The Well Nest

Lydia Clare

The Well Nest

Kurrajong, NSW, 2758

Member since 2007

Yoga (All), Women's Health, Hatha Yoga, Hypnobirthing

Anna McDonagh

Anna McDonagh

Anna McDonagh

Dulwich Hill, NSW, 2203

Member since 2009

Anna McDonagh is a Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner and a Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner who specializes in irrititable bowel syndrome, digestion problems, anxiety, and fertility issues.

Tension Cramps Headaches Sciatica Swallowing Anxiety Fatigue Constipation Joint pain Relaxation
TranceAnd Hypnotherapy and Complementary Therapy

TranceAnd Hypnotherapy and Complementary Therapy

TranceAnd Hypnotherapy and Complementary Therapy

Lennox Head, NSW, 2478

Member since 2014

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Regression Therapy, various modalities to treat mind, body and soul - Negative pattern of habits, deppression, anxiety, phobias, sports performance, trauma.

Telehealth Joy Pregnancy support Anxiety Fear Regression therapy Stress management Childbirth Hypnotherapist Pain management
Hypnobirthing & Birthing Pools

Kylie Coad

Hypnobirthing & Birthing Pools

Carwoola, NSW, 2620

Member since 2018

Birthing in a Pool creates a greater release of endorphins.

Postnatal support Childbirth education Baby yoga Pregnancy support Emotional wellness
Politician & Performer

Dr Angela Wilson

Politician & Performer

Sydney, 2000

Member since 2012

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Happiness Suicide Self-help Psoriasis Heart failure Death Health issues Alternative medicine HIV Regression therapy
Life Coaching, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnobirthing

Amanda Healy

Life Coaching, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnobirthing


Member since 2020

The path to your success begins where you decide to make a change. Let Amanda’s hypnotherapy methods guide you down that road.

Wellness Stress management Anger Trauma Anxiety Fears Positivity Motivation Hypnotherapist Renal disorders
Canberra Counsellor;  a safe and trusting environment with empathy, non-judgment and confidentially.

Christina Richards

Canberra Counsellor; a safe and trusting environment with empathy, non-judgment and confidentially.

Kingstown, NSW, 2358

Member since 2017

Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.  Sleep Talk for Kids teacher.  Chris Richards - Certified Counsellor & Hypnotherapist and EFT and NLP Coach. If you would like to find a way out of stress and confusion let's work together. In three sessions you can see yourself differently.  Together we can change your world. I work with women, men and children.

Mindset Gong Coaching Tinnitus Addiction Anger management Trauma Indigestion Abuse Stress management
Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP

Jodie Freeman

Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP

Lake Haven, NSW, 2263

Member since 2021

Let the power of your unconscious mind find and grow your strengths to help you to be the very best you can be.

Incontinence Bullying Creativity Joy Disabilities Abuse Stress management Anxiety Depression Continence

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