What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a method of pain management that aims to provide relief and relaxation to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, labour and childbirth. This method uses self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help the pregnant mother to feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared, and reduce her fear, anxiety and pain during childbirth.

What is hypnobirthing?

How Does Hypnobirthing Work?

Hypnobirthing classes are run by certified practitioners over the course of four to five weeks. Pregnant women, or the couple, can attend a group class, a private class, or participate in an online course to learn everything about hypnobirthing. The main goal of hypnobirthing classes is to help the pregnant mothers relax using different methods because not every method will work for everyone. The methods used include:

The other part of the class focuses on childbirth. Hypnobirthing is based on the concept that fear during labour and childbirth can cause various problems, with each class trying to address these fears with knowledge.

What are the Benefits of Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing offers expectant mothers helpful tools and information that guarantee them a positive birth experience. Research shows that it helps shorten the stage of labour, while allowing couples to deepen their bond as they work together to ensure the safe arrival of their baby. Other benefits of hypnobirthing include:

  • It is a natural form of pain management
  • Provides relief, comfort and relaxation during labour
  • Reduce stress and fear during childbirth
  • Decreases the need for anaesthesia
  • Creates a better postpartum experience
  • Allows pregnant mothers and their partners to remain alert and awake
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Prevents fetal distress
  • Helps mums-to-be understand what happens to their bodies during labour and childbirth

What Can You Expect From Hypnobirthing?

In a hypnobirthing class, pregnant mothers and their partners are guided through hypnosis and breathing techniques and visualisation and deep relaxation exercises to reduce fear, anxiety, uncertainty and other negative emotions that are associated with childbirth.

The techniques can take weeks or months to master. They may also practice these techniques at home every day in preparation for their due dates. Hypnobirthing classes may also offer nutrition advice and other tips to have a successful pregnancy.

Participants are advised to come in comfortable clothing even though they won't be doing any strenuous activities as the lessons lean towards emotional health. The class will last for about two hours, and after which participants will receive supplemental resources like handouts, videos or podcasts for self-study. Attending a class once every week trains the mind and body to work together to keep negative thoughts at bay and condition the uterine muscles to work as they should. 

Is Hypnobirthing Safe?

Hypnobirthing is a safe, noninvasive and non-drug approach to preparing expectant mothers and couples for childbirth. The techniques that one learns in class will benefit them in numerous ways, whether they decide to give birth in a hospital, birthing centre or at home.