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"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." - Carol Welch

Remedial Massage, Personal Training & Vinyasa Yoga

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Perth & Northern Suburbs; Regional & Online

Focus areas

Stress management Motivation Purpose Wellness Fitness Health goals

Remedial massage is a tactile practice of connecting with the body using, Swedish massage, deep tissues, acupressure, trigger point and myofascial release to invoke the body natural immune and balance system to release physical tension and stress, enhance lymphatic drainage and blood flow and promotes vitality and healing. Massage is an excellent passive, low energy therapy which has many physical and emotional benefits and really does help strengthen the mind-body connection. 
Our personal training sessions focus on functional fitness and increasing mobility especially for our clients who have functional limitations, this may be due to an illness, injury or disability, these limitations may be recent and acute or lifelong and chronic. Whatever our clients health and fitness level, we will meet them there and guide and support their improved health and fitness, utilising creative, inventive and innovative strategies so the client may safely learn to independently implement the training strategies.
Vinyasa Yoga, also known as Ashtanga Yoga is a derived from classical Indian yoga which synchronizes body movement with breath. Vinyasa Flow is a great yoga style for beginners and supports the participant gain body coordination and awareness, core and postural strength through movement while also providing a grounding and centring experience through focused breathwork. We offer a personalised yoga service by developing yoga sequences to support our individual clients' ability and needs.
Consultations are always client-centred, meaning; the client's needs come first, this allows clients to make conscious, informed decisions on their healthcare and treatment strategies, this ensures clients understand, consent and are positively motivated about their treatment plans. Part of our unique success is a non-judgment, total acceptance philosophy, acknowledging our client's intentions and goals then teaching them on how to balance their chosen lifestyle with natural health strategies to achieve greater wellness. We work cooperatively with medical and allied health practitioners to ensure clients are properly cared for and we also maintain a large network medical and alternative practitioners we will refer or seek advice from. We encourage clients to choose a consultation package so we can offer ongoing care programs, gain effective long term results and provide personalised service for our clients. Clients can contact us easily to check in on their progress, clarify details, easily amend their treatment strategies or address new challenges. Registered for Australian Private Health Insurance rebates.
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