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Bowen Therapy aims to treat the body as a whole. The Bowen technique is an alternative form of bodywork that utilises gentle rolling motions to help heal muscles and tendons and address pain. We offer Bowen Therapy in our Chermside and Cannon Hill clinics.

Bowen Therapy

Servicing area

All Parts of Brisbane.

Focus areas

Gestational diabetes Arthritis Cancer management Gastrointestinal disorders Heart disease Lactation

The Technique is Simple, Yet Powerful

Bowen Therapy is a gentle non-invasive, hands-on therapy which can be highly effective on acute and chronic conditions for athletes and all people with musculoskeletal and nervous system concerns. A series of small specific ‘rolling’ moves over key muscles and tendons assist your body to return to its balanced state of being pain-free and relaxed. Your body knows what it needs to do to heal itself, Bowen Therapy initiates this process.

Our muscles are surrounded and permeated with a weblike structure called ‘fascia’ which essentially holds our muscles and skeleton together. The ‘rolling’ Bowen moves signal the fascia to return to their original relaxed state and thus the muscle is returned as well. Bowen Therapy works on our nervous system by promoting the ‘parasympathetic’ (rest and digestion) aspect of our Autonomic nervous system – thus further promoting a relaxed body and mind to achieve Homeostasis (the bodies ability to heal itself).

Bowen Therapy Brisbane is suitable for absolutely anyone and is completely safe for newborn babies through to the elderly and continues to be profoundly effective on athletes as well. The best ‘Bowen moves’ are performed directly on the skin, however modest and professional draping of clients is practised. Bowen Therapy can also be performed through light clothing (not heavy cotton or lycra). Your Bowen Therapist will work with what is comfortable for you.

Yours in Health and Happiness


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What is Bowen Therapy and How Can It Help You?

Bowen Therapy. It is all about Healing Hands (well almost)

Brisbane Livewell Clinic - Bowen Therapy a close look



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  • Certificate In Bowen Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Degree In Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Bowen Practitioner
  • Qualified Physiotherapist
  • Mindset Coach
  • Clinical Nutritionists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Certificate In Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss
  • Qualified Naturopath
  • Diploma In Hypnotherapy Gastric Band
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Diploma of Health Science In Holistic Kinesiology (College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney, 2008)
  • Bachelor of Health Science In Naturopathy (ANTA)
  • Bachelor of Science In Dietetics
  • Energy Healer
  • Diploma of Health Sciences In Holistic Kinesiology
  • Registered Acupuncturist
  • Registered Acupuncturist (The Chinese Medicine Board of Australia)
  • Nutritionist
  • Naturopath
  • Diploma In Remedial Massage Therapy

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