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Livewell Clinics - Chermside, Cannon Hill, Kenmore
Clinical Nutrition is a specialist branch of Nutrition & Dietetics that demonstrates an inherent understanding of how nutrients play a role in alleviating disease via nutritional biochemistry pathways. It is a science of how nutrients are metabolised, stored, digested, eliminated and absorbed and how this plays a vital role in one’s health and well-being.

Diet and Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition also encompasses the relationships between food and the human body and also how the nutritional breakdown of our dietary consumption influences our daily health. Clinical Nutrition Therapy consists of Dietary advice, correcting deficiency states, therapeutic inclusion of supplements, lifestyle modulation and meal-planning. Clinical Nutrition can be successful in conditions ranging from mental health disorders, children health, digestive health, endocrine disorders, sports medicine, and weight loss.

How Can a Clinical Nutritionist Help Me?

A Clinical Nutritionist can provide extensive individualised dietary advice and supplemental recommendations, as well as advice around behaviour and lifestyle changes that may help you to reach your goals.

Nutrition can be very confusing, so we will work with you to answer any questions you have. You will find after leaving your appointment you will have a better understanding of your nutritional requirements and what you need to do to move forward in order to reach your health goals.

What can I expect at a Clinical Nutrition consultation?

Our Nutritionist provides an extensive 60-minute initial consultation in which your full health history will be discussed, your current diet will be fully assessed and a specific individualised meal plan is produced that suits your lifestyle. In this consultation, our Nutritionist will also prescribe comprehensive nutritional prescriptions and recommend lifestyle changes and exercise options to best suit your individual needs.

Each meal plan measures nutritional and energetic values to assist you to reach your health goals and nutritional prescriptions aim to assist to reach your optimal health goals. We can also recommend local exercise options to ensure exercise remains fun, interactive and sustainable.

What Areas Can a Clinical Nutritionist Assist Me With?


    • Mental Health conditions –Depression, Anxiety


    • Modify, support, treat & supplement following Vegan / Vegetarian protocols


    • Weight loss/gain


    • Sports Nutrition for Athletes


    • Children’s & Teen Weight Management Issues


    • Diabetes, Impaired Glucose Tolerance & Gestational Diabetes Management


    • Metabolic Syndrome


    • Cardiovascular Health-elevated blood pressure or cholesterol


    • Digestive disturbances –IBS, Diverticulitis etc


    • Hormonal Condition-PCOS, Menopause
      Pregnancy and Lactation Support


And many many more!

Yours in Health and Happiness


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