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Completing a Food Intolerance test is fast, painless and you receive the results really quickly. Our practitioners will recommend a plan for your diet and nutrition allowing you to move forward immediately.

Food Intolerance is what a majority of our patients are diagnosed with. It is worth knowing that actual Food Allergies are not common and only about 2.5% of the population have them. A Food Allergy is when your immune system severely overreacts to a specific food. In fact, your body responds as if that food were toxic.

Food Intolerance and Allergy Testing

7 Ways a Naturopath Can Diagnosis Your Condition to Get Your Health Back on Track


    1. Live Blood Analysis Testing – An in-house test is designed to detect functional imbalances in the body that are known as precursors to disease extremely early, in some cases, before standard blood testing is able to. The practitioner is then able to recommend changes that need to be made by the client, such as nutrition, allowing the precursors to be reversed before the disease becomes diagnostically apparent.


    1. Food Detective – An in-house Food Intolerance Test that shows if the patient has IgG antibodies to specific foods according to the specific food protein extracts within the test. This is a test of the 59 most common food intolerances.


    1. Zinc testing – An in-house Zinc Test measures the zinc levels within the body. Zinc deficiency is quite common in most people and increasing zinc levels within the body can have tremendous effects on a range of health issues.


    1. Urine Indican Test – An in-house test that measures the putrefaction of protein in the digestive tract. It gives the practitioner a clear indication of the level of bacterial imbalance in the patient’s digestive tract.


    1. Urine PH Test – An In-house test that can determine the acidity or alkalinity of the urine. This reading in turn can be used to adjust your diet to bring everything back into balance.


    1. Urine Heavy Metal Test – In in-house test that your practitioner may ask to complete if your condition indicates a need. Chronic fatigue, depression, hyperactivity (ADD), “foggy” brain, stress, thyroid problems, infertility (male and female) and many other health conditions may be linked to heavy metal toxicity.


    1. Pathology Testing - a wide range of pathology referrals such as: male and female hormone testing, adrenal testing, allergies testing, thyroid testing, hair mineral analysis just to name a few.


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