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Change quickly and easily

Change quickly and easily
Awaken your mind, heart and body... Enter the healing art of Reiki 

Change quickly and easily - Reiki

Reiki treatments are conducted whilst you are lying on a treatment table whilst fully clothed. The Reiki practitioner hands will lightly rest or hover over the clients body, in a traditionally taught pattern of hand positions. A typical treatment will span between, through children’s treatment may last for a little less.

At the very heart of Reiki is the notion of it being non-invasive, vibrational hands-on healing practice that can be applied to yourself and to others to promote well-being on a number of different levels  - body, mind and spirit.

Our clients frequently report feeling a deep sense of relaxation throughout their treatment. Evidence of the long term benefits of Reiki such as; reduced anxiety, improved mood, enhanced energy and vitality and a sense of harmony and balance.

What is Reiki able to help you with?

    • Chronic conditions

    • Self-care and wellness

    • Acute injury or surgery

    • And more…

For more information about Reiki and Reiki classes, click here.

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