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Ann Moir-Bussy

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Counsellor, Life Coach, Educator, Author

Servicing area

Ballarat, Melbourne & Canadian VIC

Focus areas

Clinical hypnotherapy Joy Fitness Stress Management Grief Person-centred

Guiding You to Your Personal, Professional and Spiritual Growth

Are you greatly challenged by a transition in your life? Everyone fears the unknown, but it shouldn’t hold you back from living the life that you want. Change gives us a second shot at life to overcome our fears and realise our dreams. Welcome to Embrace Life Now in Ballarat VIC and allow us to guide you in moving forward in life.

Meet Dr. Ann Moir-Bussy

Ann brings with her more than 20 years of experience in counselling, life coaching and teaching. She has assisted numerous individuals and couples in Australia and Hong Kong who are seeking personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Throughout the years she has worked out powerful ways to ease her clients into the process of change and healing, allowing them to become the best versions of themselves and achieve their goals.

Ann uses a holistic approach that will enable you to embrace all aspects of your life. The tools and resources that she provides you with are based on your specific needs to ensure that you get the support you would need on your journey to a better life.

She works closely with middle-aged men and women who want to make the best out of the second half of their lives by engaging in activities that are fulfilling for them. 

Getting to midlife opens your door to exploring new opportunities, building new relationships, and sharing your wisdom with others.

Ann is a firm believer of the Jungian concept and uses it to help her clients explore their inner selves, and be more aware and conscious of their daily experiences.

For 14 years, Ann worked in universities where she trained students taking their bachelor and masters in counselling. Now in her 70s, she continues to provide counselling, coaching and consulting services. 

Meet Peter Vidot

Peter is Ann’s husband who is a writer, historian and anthropologist by profession. He is also constantly inspired by the Jungian concept and has, in fact, written several articles about it on this website.

When he’s not busy writing, Peter assists Ann in her coaching sessions and brings not only his wisdom, but also his great sense of humour into their lively discussions.  

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  • Counselling (PhD)
  • Master of Community Counselling
  • Graduate Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Graduate Diploma In Psychotherapy
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Flow Code Coach

Professional Membership

  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

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