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For fast and effective removal of “muscle knots”. Trigger point therapy / Dry needling unlock the muscle tissue that is involved in your pain and is often the cause of heel pain, calf pain, shin pain, hip and back pain.

Foot Focus Podiatry - Dry Needling & Trigger Point

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Dry Needling/ Trigger Point Therapy

How does trigger point release / dry needling work?

A trigger point is a hypersensitive region within a muscle (like those tender ‘knots’ or lumps that you can feel when you are stressed!). When compression is applied or a needle is inserted into the trigger point, it acts to ‘jump start’ the muscle and its nerve supply. This usually results in a reflex relaxation of the muscle.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a very safe and effective way to remove muscles knots which in turn cause pain and dysfunction. This technique had a very positive effect on relaxing muscles.

Compression techniques (massage) instead of dry needling can also be used for those that don't like needles. When compression is applied into the trigger point, it acts to ‘jump start’ the muscle and its nerve supply. This usually results in a reflex relaxation of the muscle.

When do I feel better?

For the rest of the day your muscles can feel achy and tired, a bit like they have done a big workout at the gym. It is a good idea to drink plenty of water, and rest if tired. Some people feel better straight away while others feel better a day or two later.

“But I’m scared of needles!”

Most people who have it done will see and feel the benefit and tend to be fine and want to come back for more. There is virtually a pain free superficial dry needling technique that works well at isolating the more severe trigger points that then can be massaged. Should you really not like dry needling there are other ways that we can help with your condition such as trigger point release using the conventional compression technique, fascial release techniques and stretch and spray techniques using cold spray. We will use the most effective treatment technique that you are comfortable with to get you back on your feet.

Benefits of Choosing Foot Focus Podiatry

Foot Focus Podiatry is a clinic which can help you with many foot and lower limb related issues .

When you visit Foot Focus Podiatry you will be seeing a podiatrist who:

  • specialises in muscular skeletal conditions - muscles and joints.
  • considers how your feet may also contribute to your knee, hip or back pain.
  • utilises mainstream therapies such as at-home exercises, strengthening, footwear and orthoses (shoe inserts/orthotics).
  • utilises complimenting therapies such as joint mobilisation, trigger-point release, osteopathic techniques and acupuncture. Below is an explanation of these therapies and how they allow us to help you.

Click here for Additional Courses and an explanation of our therapies and how they allow us to help you.

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2 Services

Podiatry - NEW PATIENT - General treatment of nail and skin

$68 Per session

Prices listed below are pensioner / health care prices.

Podiatry - EXISTING PATIENT - General treatment of nail and skin

$56 Per session

Price for pensioners / health care cards


  • Bachelor Of Science

Professional Membership

  • Australasian Podiatry Association
  • APODA - Australian Podiatry Association Western Australia

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