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Genesis Holistic Wellbeing

Giuseppe LiRosi

Coburg VIC 3058

Genesis Holistic Wellbeing

About Genesis Holistic Wellbeing

Hi, welcome to my page and thank you for taking the time to explore information about me. My name is Giuseppe and I have been a practicing Holistic health therapist with a variety of modalities for over 15 years. I believe that true health is the Holistic integration of Body, Mind, Spirit and when these are in balance then Wellbeing becomes our natural state.

I am passionate about supporting and assisting people to regain and maintain a happy, healthy, holistic, balanced, self empowered life!

I am a qualified practiconer in the following....

  • TBM Kinesiolgy

  • N.L.P./ Timeline Hypnotherapy

  • Holistic (transpersonal) counselling

  • Yoga/meditation teacher,

  • massage/shiatsu/body alignment therapist

What Clients Have Said

Since my TBM kinesiolgy session with you, my aches and pains have now disappeared, I am sleeping well at nights and have a feeling of general vitality and well-being which I had not experienced for many years!

Some of the other effects which I noticed immediately after the session was clearer vision.The session has also helped in my concentration and memory and surprisingly even my skin has improved!. (Danni.L)

Giuseppe is truly passionate and great at all the work that he does. I began to fist visit Giuseppe during times of feeling generally unwell. I presented to him with ongoing nausea, fatigue, vertigo, headaches and physical pain. Within one session of total body modification I noticed a major difference both physically and mentally. I will continue to recommend Giuseppe's work and treatments to friends family etc as his work is truly amazing. (Stephanie. B.) Before my appointment with Giuseppe I was feeling low energy, mentally scattered and not sleeping so well. After my session I immediately felt better, clearer thinking, improved vision and have slept well since. Giuseppe is also a very good NLP practicioner and a caring therapist.. (KEN. B.)

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