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Here is what some of my clients have to say:

"Me and my children have been seeing Bill Horton periodically for remedial massage and homeopathy over the last l0 years. Bill has helped relieve my back pain and helped to get rid of pain in my neck and shoulders. I never used to like getting a massage as I didn’t feel any different afterwards, sometimes even worse. With Bills Shiatsu technique I have really felt the difference, not only immediately but gradually over treatment times. When or any of my children get any aches or pains in our muscles, it is Bill I turn to first for Remedial Massage, Homeopathy and/or Iridology diagnosis or advice or a combination of all these. Bill has also helped me with his special Liver and Bowel Cleansing Diet to lose considerable amount of weight. He first did an Iridology diagnosis and this let him know which of my organs arid body tissues had toxins, heavy metal and acid waste accumulating in them. He then put me on homeopathic drainage remedies to draw the toxins and heavy metals out of these organs and body tissues--this then enabled the fat cells surrounding these toxins to break down and then be expelled out of the body.

I have a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD but I feel uncomfortable with the drugs(Ritlin) that the doctors suggested, also the side effects had me very concerned spoke to Bill about this child, and he then commenced a program of homeopathic medicines made from the actual DPT(Dipthiria, Pertussin and Tetanus) vaccine in order to counteract the poisonous effects of the DPT. Well, I can’t believe the difference in my son now, he sleeps well and his concentration is next to normal and all that aggression is gone....al! with no side effects. I strongly recommend Homeopathy treatment for ADHD. Bill worked closely with us and made sure my son was improving and always monitored his situation. I didn’t feel like I was told to take a pill and all will be well. Thank you Bill Horton for not only getting rid of my back pains but for helping my son—I feel as though he is back to how he used to be. So yes I have high regard for Bill’s Shiatsu/Acupressure and Remedial Massage techniques. Also his Iridology and Homeopathy consultations are truly enlightening and I highly recommend him."


"My name is Sarah. I have been receiving treatment from Bill for as long as I can remember(about 14 years). I was a child when Bill gave me my first treatment. I have had bad pain in my back since the age of 12, lumbar scoliosis, prolapsed discs and arthritis in my L4 and 15. I was always in a lot of pain taking pain killers all the time. But recently Bill gave me an intense course of 8 Shiatsu treatments and now all my back pain is gone! No more pain killers- a miracle after all these years of pain.

Bill has helped me and my dogs with his homeopathy remedies eg. One of my dogs had a tick. I did not find it and I thought I was going to lose him, but Bill gave him a special homeopathic remedy for tick poisoning. Within a few days my dog was back to new. My other dog had badly infected eyes, and Bill also fixed him with homeopathic medicines.

I have watched Bill grow and evolve as a Healer over the years. Bill is always trying to improve and expand his healing techniques. He is forever doing courses in natural therapies and upgrading his qualifications. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone. The service that Bill provides is one of the most professional, caring, amazing gift that you could ever receive. The peace and tranquillity at Bills Healing Massage @ Homeopathy clinic also has a lot to offer."


“1 have found Mr Horton to be a highly skilled professional in the field of healing massage. He specialises in shiatsu, trigger point therapy, deep tissue remedial massage, lymphatic drainage massage and reflexology. Using these techniques, Mr Horton was able to break up deep muscle spasms in my back, leg, shoulder and neck areas. He was also able to greatly assist in healing the whole person, being able to drain the lymphatics and apply reflexology techniques which made a considerable difference to my well-being.

Mr Horton is extremely gifted and is unique in his ability to accurately diagnose and remedy problems, achieving remarkable results. Mr Horton adds considerable value throughout the consultation by explaining the techniques he is using. He is one of the few specialist professionals of his kind and has an enormous talent for healing and achieving optimum results.

I unreservedly recommend both Mr Horton and his healing techniques to you."


I have been receiving remedial massage therapy from Bill Horton for the past two years. Prior to visiting Bill I spent more than ten years searching for a practitioner to help me with the severe pain I suffer in the neck, shoulder and spinal region. I have also suffered from constant and severe migraines for many years. I have visited chiropractors, sport masseurs and other remedial masseurs, none of which have ever achieved the results I have experienced while under Bill Hortons care.

Compared to the other practitioners Bill’s treatment has been incredible. Bill has been able to relieve and eliminate the muscular and spinal problems I had suffered from. Bill’s techniques include many disciplines and his wholelistic approach to healing I have not seen anywhere else. With regular visits Bill has been able to eliminate my migraines and I have experienced a distinct improvement in my overall health. Bill is a deeply caring and highly trained practitioner and my visits to Bill are imperative for me in maintaining a pain free lifestyle. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Bill Horton to anyone requiring treatment.”


“I am a mid fifties age group triathlete who has done nearly 20 years worth of endurance events throughout Australia. These races have includect 3 Ironman Triathlons (3.8 k swim, 180k bike and 42k run legs) as well as 20 half ironman and 20 half marathon runs.

I have always been a regular at chiropractor and physiotherapists for various injuries but after suffering a hernia at the same time as hurting my back so badly I required an ambulance and morphine to move me, I failed to recover as quickly as I required. Indeed when I first went to Bill via word of mouth while I could get on a bike my back was so bad I could not get off again without lying the bike almost on the ground!

Bill’s treatment is unique and I was able to identify improvement myself by a simple technique I developed myself, when I first went I estimated that Bill exerted pressure on some 200 points along the spine and pelvis in his treatment, I had at approximately 180 of these points.

With fortnightly treatments for 6 weeks and then monthly those sore spots have decreased to about 10 to 20 depending upon what I have self inflicted on myself in the meantime via running, riding, swimming, kayaking and various other activities, the worst of which is sitting long hours in front of a computer!)

I recommend Bill’s unique treatment to anyone who has a long history of back problems and wants to recover their health, he has a quote about himself which I now know to be correct “1 fix the people who have given up on chiropractors and physiotherapists”!


I retired in 2006 to take up life as a hobby farmer and spend time caravan fling around our great country only to find my plans were curtailed as the increased levels of physical activity associated with these persuits aggravated a lower back injury I had carried for some time.

Regular visits to the Chiropractor, Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist had previously been sufficient to manage the condition however whilst they were providing short term relief, treatment was becoming more regular and certainly did not appear to be addressing the underlying cause. I went looking for other possible solutions and was directed to Bill.

Whilst I was a little reluctant to experiment with treatment by other than a medical practitioner my doubts were negated after my first visit to Bill where he demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of the bodies muscular skeletal system and identified the areas of concern with very little prompting.

I am unaware of the content of the training he has undergone but believe he demonstrates a level of competence equal to any qualified medical practitioner that I have visited. More importantly however is the fact that he has been able to deliver a result which now only requires occasional maintenance treatments and provides me with almost unrestricted activity.

I recently suffered a “frozen shoulder”, which restricted my arm movement to the point where it was difficult to drive. After my first experience with Bill and considering that investigation of this condition showed many cases resulted in surgery for rectification, I was in no way hesitant to employ Healing Massage. Although was quite prolonged and at times painful once again I have undergone an almost complete recovery.

I now firmly believe that the techniques used by Bill and the skill with which he applies them makes Healing Massage a viable alternative to traditional medical solutions for muscular injuries and have no hesitation in recommending his services. Thanks largely to Bill I now enjoy my travels in comfort and look forward to the challenges associated with farm life.


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