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Dr. Rene Fontyne

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Integrated Natural Medicine

Dr. Rene Fontyne (CM, ND, HD, MH, RT) 

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Iridology Services

What Is Iridology & How Does It Work?

Iridology is a form of diagnosis can be derived from naturopathic methods. This non-invasive procedure consists of close examination of your iris (coloured section of your eye) as well as your sclera (white of your eye) and your pupil to assess your health.

The principles of iridology asserts that the state of your organ functions whether they are active, overactive, inflamed, or stressed  can be determined through the close examination of your iris. 

As your eyes have optic nerves that are directly connected to your nervous system, the visual information that they receive are sent directly to your brain. 

In return, the current state of your organs as well as the tissues in your body are simultaneously sent back to your iris from your brain. As a result, your iris has a close association to all the organs in your body through your nervous system

In a comprehensive iridology assessment, a digital image of your iris will be taken, transferred to a computer, enlarged and viewed on the screen to determine your overall health status.

What Are The Benefits of Iridology? 

The practise of iridology has been found to be beneficial in:

  • Detecting signs of developing illness at their earliest stage before they progress into more severe problems and before clinical indicators or physical symptoms develop
  • Gaining early advantage in the prevention and treatment of illness before it gets worse
  • Allowing you to take action early like making lifestyle changes to ensure you stay healthy
  • Determining health markers like constitutional strengths and weaknesses, nutritional deficiencies, areas for potential injuries, inflammation, degeneration, key areas of toxin accumulation, as well as mental and emotional issues
  • Identifying potential risk factors in your body

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