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In need of counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, or nutritional advice.?

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Services are offered in the clinic in person in a private and confidential space or online. .

About Marcea Klein

Servicing area

Online World- Wide Coaching, Counselling Nutrition and Psychotherapy (except USA/Canada).

Focus areas

Stress Management Anxiety Relationship issues Hormonal imbalance Infertility Menopause

Marcea is a Counsellor, Coach,  TCM Naturopath and Relational Psychotherapist with a diverse range of clinical and holistic experiences. She helps people explore and create insightful, fulfilling, less stressful balanced lives for themselves. 

Developing awareness gives you more freedom. 

Discover how to make informed choices about your health, career and relationships.  Explore different ways to increase awareness so that you can name what is no longer working in your life and change it. 

  • unlock your potential to maximise your own performance
  • Overcome your fears and addictions
  • Raise your Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Make friends with yourself
  • Create and maintain strong loving relationships
  • Find your mind-body balance

 Marcea's approach comes from a range of therapies and techniques. These include evidence-based approaches such as "Mindfulness", Meditation, Dream Analysis and  Relational Psychotherapy. 

Services On Offer

  • Weight Management
  • Fertility Solutions
  • Work-life balance
  • Hormonal Rebalancing
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy
  •  TCM Naturopathy
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Men's Health
  • Women's Health
  • Children's Health

My Mission

My Mission is to make a positive difference in people's lives. To nourish through awareness, insight and compassion and empower people to achieve their health and happiness goals.

About Me - Marcea Klein

Marcea has had the unique opportunity of helping pioneer, at the grassroots level, the early Organic Whole Foods movement in NY, Boston, California and London, way back in the 1960s. Ever since then she has been a leader and pioneer in the field of wellness. A painful back injury led Marcea to an alternative practitioner in NY who recommended she change her diet to include more whole grains, vegetables, beans, fish and sea vegetables. She discovered a macrobiotic restaurant, loved the food and applied for a job as a waitress. Two weeks later after eating this food, she was pain-free and never looked back. She began writing recipes and selling her home-baked goods in a pushcart in Central Park, introducing healthy options to anyone who might be willing to take the plunge.

In the 1970s Marcea conducted cooking workshops and created a Wholefoods bakery in London. It was there she met Bruce Gyngell; the guiding force behind Nines success in the early years of the industry, he also helped direct the Seven Revolution in the 70s and 80s, shaped multicultural television at SBS and played a major role in British television.

He invited her to Sydney Australia to teach cooking and philosophy. In 1981 she established the first  Organic Tofu factory in Sydney, which specialised in Traditional Organic Tofu. Marcea studied Chinese Herbal and Nutritional Medicine in Sydney at Cathay Herbal and China Herb in the 80s and Counselling, Psychotherapy, Buddhist Psychotherapy and Dream Analysis at ICP in the 90s. She co-directed the East-West Centre in Sydney and established the Wholesome Gourmet Cookery School.

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For more information about any of my other services or cooking workshops that I provide or to book your next appointment, just give me a call today, visit my website or send me a message via the 'send me details' button below
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4 Services

Ayurvedic Nutritional Medicine

Nutrition Weight Loss Women's Health Wellness Coaching Online
$120 $108 Per hour
10% OFF

The Ayurvedic diet is an eating pattern focused on promoting balance within your body by following guidelines for your specific dosha, or body type. Ayurveda is a form of holistic medicine from India that focuses on promoting balance between your body and


Life Coaching Weight Loss Women's Health Mindfulness Psychotherapy
$130 Per hour

Counselling Counselling is a structured personal conversation that can help you to address and resolve problems, make decisions, work through feelings and inner conflicts, and improve relationships with others.


  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology and Education (CCNY, 1965)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (CCNY, 1970)
  • Wholistic Health Counsellor (The Australian School of Macrobiotics,1996)
  • Holistic Health Counsellor (Academy of Healing Nutrition, 2002)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutritionist (China Herb, 2004)
  • Dream Analyst (The Australian and NZ Assoc. of Independent Dream Analysts, 2008)
  • Food As Medicine (Monash University, 2016)
  • Tibetan Buddhist Psychotherapist
  • Clinical Psychotherapist
  • Ayurvedic Nutritional Consultant

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