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Almond Wellness Centre

21 Bell st
Coburg VIC 3058

Servicing area: Coburg & Northern Suburbs, Ringwood & Eastern Suburbs


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Five great reasons to feel confident about choosing our masters of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for your health and well-being:

Why Choose Us?

1. Our warm and caring staff welcome you. Your experience will be as comforting, encouraging and reassuring as possible; your privacy is respected at all times.

2. Your treatment is tailored and unique. We make Chinese medicine diagnoses and treatment plans according to your age, gender, individual symptoms, signs, and different phases of your conditions.

3. You will receive a natural, painless treatment to ease your symptoms or pain; the cause of your symptoms will be addressed, not just masked.

4. The practitioners you see are university trained and fully qualified. All acupuncturists and Chinese herbalist are registered with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board in Australia. Our chief practitioner Dr. Richard Zeng (TCM) has over 20 years of full-time professional experience in China, Germany and Australia hospitals and clinics. We will not be ‘Practising’ with your health.

5. Safety is our first priority. Only sterilised disposable needles and high-quality herbs/supplements are used in our clinics. Your treatment will be relaxing and comfortable.



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Coburg: 03 9386 5068
Ringwood: 03 8802 1519

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At Almond Wellness Centre your health is in good hands.Our team of experienced and highly qualified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist are all university trained and have registered with Chinese Medicine Registration Board.

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Master of Acupuncture - Almond Wellness Centre