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Contact Name Taffy Avard
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Servicing Areas Newport, Victoria

Natural and Chinese therapies


At the heart of Chinese medicine is the concept of Qi. Essentially, Qi provides the movement which allows the transformations necessary for life to flourish. When Qi is balanced, the body and mind are full of vitality and healing can progress rapidly. Acupuncture regulates the flow of Qi in the body by stimulating specific points along Qi pathways or channels. Ultra-fine, sterilized needles are inserted superficially into acupoints in a prescriptive way to treat a wide variety of conditions. Acupuncture does not hurt. When administered with skill and sensitivity, an acupuncture treatment is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Scientific research has shown that acupuncture influences the nervous, immune and endocrine systems and stimulates our natural endorphins.

Chinese Herbs
At reOrient we administer herbs in a powdered or pill format which is very easy to take. Chinese herbs are very precise and your herbal formula is tailored to your presenting condition whilst taking into account your constitution. As your health improves your prescription is adjusted so it is suited to the changes taking place. All herbal products used are TGA approved. We carry a range of herbal formulas for common illnesses facing infants and young children. They taste good and are therefore easy to deliver.

Shiatsu Therapy
Shiatsu originated in China and was further developed in Japan. It is a massage therapy that uses the same diagnostic and philosophic theories of TCM. Performed on a futon mattress Shiatsu utilizes slow, steady, firm pressure of the thumb, palm, elbow, knee or foot to smooth the flow of Qi throughout the entire body. The steady pressure of a Shiatsu treatment penetrates deeply into the body, relieving you of discomfort and creating lightness and clarity in body and mind. There is no need to disrobe. Simply wear loose comfortable clothing, lie down, breathe and relax.

Traditional glass cups literally ‘suck’ away muscular tension. A vacuum is created inside the cup before placing it over the problem area. Blood and qi are drawn into the area creating movement which reduces the tension and pain. Although cupping is not painful, bruising of the skin is a common consequence of cupping. These will fade as bruises do.

Spooning or Gua Sha
Spooning uses friction to increase circulation through tense or knotted muscles and scarred tissues. Using a Chinese liniment to help relax muscles and for lubrication, a smooth ceramic spoon is rubbed over the painful area effectively breaking down the tension. Like Cupping, Spooning also often leaves temporary marks on the skin.

Moxibustion is great for warming weakened areas of the body where circulation is blocked or simply poor. It is used to help strengthen the body after childbirth or illness. Physical ailments that are cold in nature (ie. they respond favourably to warmth) are treatable with moxibustion. The herb Folium Artemesia is ignited and held over the problem areas. The warmth it provides penetrates gently but deeply into the body where it lingers on, restoring and gently invigorating circulation.

Pre-Birth Acupuncture
This series of 3 treatments helps to position the baby correctly, relax the muscles and ligaments to assist the opening of the pelvis and dilation of the cervix, relieve stress and tension and strengthen the body in preparation for labour. Sessions are booked once a week in the 37th, 38th and 39th week of pregnancy.

Acupuncture Inductions
A natural and effective alternative to a conventional induction especially, when preceded by Pre-Birth Acupuncture. It involves the stimulation of certain acupoints known to facilitate uterine contractions and promote the descent of the baby. Once the acupuncture pins are in place, they are gently stimulated to promote a stronger effect. Induction treatment is used when labour has not commenced around the due date or when for health reasons an induction is required before full term pregnancy is reached. This treatment takes 1-1.5 half hours and may require two sessions of consecutive days.

Shiatsu and Acupuncture through Pregnancy
Be a yummy mummy and treat yourself and your growing baby to regular Shiatsu sessions. You remain clothed and lay comfortably on your side supported by pillows. Just relax, even snooze a little and let Shiatsu help you adjust and thrive during this special and challenging time. Acupuncture is also extremely beneficial during pregnancy, able to address many health hiccups associated with pregnancy.

Quick-Fix/De-Stress Treatment
When time is short and there’s a monkey on your back.
Half hour focused massage therapy designed to relieve head, neck, shoulder and upper back tension.


Pain & Discomfort
Back pain, strains & sprains, post-operative pain, rehabilitation after injury, back and neck tension and pain, headache/migraine, toothache, menstrual pain, PMT, sciatica, digestive problems, aches and pain associated with colds & flu, joint pain, RSI, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, urinary tract infections, ADD carpel tunnel, pelvic pain, nerve pain, fibromyalgia...

Seasonal Disorders
Hay fever, sinusitis, gastro, common cold &flu....

Supporting and Strengthening
Preconception care, pregnancy related conditions, post-natal depression, breast feeding complications, scar therapy, fatigue and exhaustion, post-operative care/rehabilitation, pelvic instability, recovery after illness, support during times of stress, support in grieving, post stroke paralysis, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma...

Balancing and Calming
Stress, stress, stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, addiction withdrawal, menopausal symptoms, high blood pressure...

Remember, Chinese Medicine is a complete health system, able to address a very broad range of acute and chronic health conditions.


Tel:(03) 9398 0431 Mob: 0437 093 347
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Sometimes we are unable to answer the phone when we are with clients. In this case, please leave your name number clearly and we will return your call at the first opportunity.

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  • Bachelor of Health Science. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
  • Bachelor of Health Science. Chinese Acupuncture.
  • Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies.
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