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Soul Services

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Kayla is a passionate Kahuna Bodyworker providing the unique Kahuna Massage to bodies all over Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast regions. Kayla is a fully qualified Kahuna practitioner having studied through renowned Mettes Institute (Kin Kin QLD)

Kayla is determined to spread and share the healing benefits of Kahuna Bodywork to people of all shapes sizes ages genders issues, Addressing a wide range of concerns needing attention and nurture; whether that be physical pain/ discomfort, low energy and heaviness, sleeping issues, emotional issues such as stress, depression, low self esteem, weight issues, grief...

And of course, Is regarded as the 'Rolls Royce' of massage for its ability to leave you incredibly relaxed and In a state of pure bliss...
Kayla encourages everybody to try Kahuna Massage at least once (though one may leave you hooked) as no two beings are the same, no two massages are the same.

A Kahuna Therapist views our massage as a 'Soul to Soul Dance'...a process of give and take. 100% Loving Nuturing Understanding, Kahuna Massage is not JUST a Massage..but a journey of self discovery, Release and Healing on all levels- Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual.

Soul Services

Kahuna Massages are typically 1.5hr long in duration. Offered min 1 hour going through to max 2.5 hours. Other lengths of time can be discussed and accomodated for.
Warm oil is used, the client is appropriately draped with a sarong & modesty towel- At no time should the client ever feel exposed or unsafe- Kayla ensures that a safe and sacred space is created.

This massage is Full body Front and Back incorporating Areas; Back, Arms, Neck, Shoulders, Head, Face, Stomach, Chest, Legs, Feet.
It is performed as a continuos flow similar to movements of Tai Chi, using hands, fingers, palms, forearms ('kahuna hands'), and elbows. Long and short, soft and deep tissue techniques.
Kahuna Massage is offers a wide range of benefits such as stimulate the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.

No two Kahunas are the same- You will experience something different every time...Whether that be pain release, emotional release, self journeying, or just down right relaxation and rejuvenation.

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