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The Institute of Applied Psychology

The Institute of Applied Psychology

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The Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) was founded in 2003 by Barbara Madani and Gordon Young and is the only Australian RTO offering 10791NAT Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy; where you can learn unique skillsets and help future proof your qualification. IAP have world-renowned Clinicians and Facilitators that are working with and learning from Australia's leading Institute who are delivering cutting-edge training courses (short courses to Diploma level) across NLP, Clinical Hypnosis, Strategic Psychotherapy and Counselling. IAP offer Government Accredited Diplomas, and non-accredited, yet highly sought after certifications that set you up for success and help you stand out in the crowd. Regardless of prior learnings, many students come to IAP and further develop their skillsets and unique techniques to achieve desired outcomes both personally and professionally. IAP are pioneers in behavioural change and use Unique Behavioural Change Technology (UBCT) techniques that is developed from and uses aspects of Neo-Ericksonian therapies and strategic psychotherapy that help achieve better personal and professional outcomes, quicker in both NLP and Clinical Hypnosis. IAP’s trainings are pioneered and developed by world-renowned Gordon Young and delivered by numerous Facilitators and Assessors that have been personally trained and assessed by Gordon. Gordon Young is the Head of Training, Master Trainer and the Co-Founder of IAP. Gordon is an internationally recognised name in the world of NLP and Hypnotherapy. He is considered by many to be Australia’s leading NLP Master Trainer, world-class Hypnotherapist and; Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy facilitators. Gordon is the only Australian trainer who over the past 30 years has actually trained at The Milton Erickson Foundation (the absolute pinnacle of training in modern hypnosis) and trained under the direct students of Erickson, who now are also Adjunct Faculty of IAP. This includes Dr Dan Short, Dr Stephen Gilligan, Dr Michael Yapko, Dr Bill O’Hanlon and the original founder of NLP of NLP techniques that we use today -  Robert Diltz. IAP’s Facilitators, Assessors and Graduates success derives from using a very particular form of advanced hypnosis that only students of IAP have access to. It focuses very much on addressing the “experiential gaps” in your approach to the situation, and arms you to better deal with similar situations in the future. IAP’s teaching approach is non-scripted, solution-oriented brief therapy, and unique strategic psychotherapy based training where most clients usually require no more than 3-4 sessions to produce desired outcomes for clients. IAP Graduates have a 99% completion rate and 85% move into clinic work within 6 months of graduating.

About The Institute of Applied Psychology

Servicing area

Sydney, New South Wales

Focus areas

Lifestyle Love Hypnotherapist Complementary therapies Stress Management Complementary

IAP’s Mission

AP’s mission is to positive impact 10,000,000 lives in 10 years.

About Us

As one of Australia’s elite Registered Training Organisations (RTO), our accredited courses are governed and audited by the Australian Skills Quality Agency (ASQA). This ensures high quality and robust training standards.

IAP’s faculty consists of education experts and industry-leading, professors, authors and highly respected world-leading clinical practitioners.

IAP stands firmly within the Ericksonian and neo-Ericksonian history of research-based strategic psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. Because of this, you can feel safe knowing that you are learning clinically proven methods with some of the best thinkers and practitioners in the world.

IAP’s research-based training approach to education uses cutting-edge technology and applied methodologies; that ensures our students are able to apply their learnings in the real world from day one.

We believe remarkable is a choice, and the best way to predict the future is to create it! 

Rest Easy...You are in Qualified Hands

As an RTO you can be assured that the quality of the course is of a high standard, due to regulated content being assessed and audited.
Studying with an RTO helps future proof your qualification.

Our assessors and facilitators are highly trained and accredited, which also comes into our audits to keep up to date and hold a high quality with our training.

Accreditation in Australia can only be produced by a government body; which carries a legal framework, such as via ASQA for our industry. There is a difference between recognition in comparison to accreditation by associations when it comes to courses provided by a multitude of training organisations. If they are recognised, this will not mean Government accredited.

As an educational institution, IAP contributes to research and learning through our many affiliations including:

  • Australian Hypnotherapy Association
  • Australian Clinical Hypnotherapist Council
  • Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (Affiliate educational member)
  • International Institute of Complementary Therapies

IAP Facilitators And Founders have contributed to the over Australian Quality Framework (AQF) and there are over 216 5-Star Google Reviews attest to IAP’s focus on the student experience, provision of post-training practice sessions, additional learning materials; and individual or group coaching and supervision.

See why Students Recommend IAP to study with

  • Extraordinary!

    From day one, I knew I had enrolled in something special.

    This course has given me a choice to discover who I am and to eliminate that limiting belief.

    It well and truly has changed my life forever.  It's a new way of living, and it's nice to finally get to see life from Rose coloured glasses for a change.

    It was via zoom; the method of teaching was exceptional.

    Gordon's Karizma and style of teaching truly allowed the course to be understood so well by everyone. He has a way of connecting with anyone, which made me feel comfortable.

    The team have all been so supportive and helpful; thank you, and I can't wait to begin my other courses; the NLP practitioner certificate is just the beginning!
    -Mary F

  • The courses I have done through the Institute of Applied Psychology have been life-changing, for the better.  In fact, very much for the better.

    Change is inevitable, so making choices that create the change we want, makes perfect sense.

    Gordon is a master of his subject matter, skilled and elegant in his imparting of this knowledge to others.

    Importantly, embedded in these skills and knowledge transfer is the entirely ethical and profound adherence to our keeping an environmental check on our own behaviours,  thus managing the ability to interact and communicate more effectively and with great care,  so that as we influence and help others, it isn't only for our own betterment, as it also is about enhancing our capabilities to outreach our skills to better help others.

    As a therapist, I can speak to how these skills allow us to more rapidly assist clients and help them to recognise and change patterns that used to keep them stuck.

    The true power of knowledge is in knowing how to apply it well.  I thank Gordon and IAP for providing access not only to knowledge, but also on how to apply that in very real terms.

    Finding the IAP training course was the best discovery I have made and deciding to complete all the training courses has been one of the top 3 decisions I have ever made in my life.

    The shift in my thinking and behaviour, both subtle and substantial, have helped me to create even more powerful and positive outcomes than I had planned.

    Thank you Gordon and the IAP Team!
    -Kerry Bailey

  • When making the decision who to train with in preparation for my new career I conducted extensive research to find the most professional, government accredited training provider in Australia. Gordon Young and the team at Institute of Applied Psychology far exceeded my expectations. From the depth of knowledge (two degrees of separation from Milton Erickson), the regular supervised practical application of therapeutic models and on-going support has set me on the path of a successful clinician.
    -Geoff Jarrett
  • This has been the greatest few months of my life and I’m so thankful for all Gordon (his team) has done to facilitate so much change in myself. I can confidently say that I’m ready to face all that life has to throw at me cause I now take it all with a smile. I recommend IAP to anyone that wants to really break the limitations and boundaries that we set for ourselves!

    I can definitely say that this is true freedom! Freedom of the mind in every way possible!

    Gordon has made me such a firm believer that anything in life is possible with the right process in mind.

    Take that leap of faith and you will be forever thankful
    -Neshantha Jayamaha

  • IAP are very professional from enrolment to diploma I was impressed by their ability to educate, inspire and support students.

    Their progressive support team, assists the graduates to deliver this high caliber of professional services too. I’m very happy with my experience and look forward to taking up more workshops in the future with IAP.
    -Arianna Starr

  • Michael Yapko's session on Treating Depression was more than awesome. He has inspired me  as a therapist and as a person. I love his dry sense of humour, his up to date research-based facts and his ability to share his wisdom so clearly and easily. I am humbled and coming back for more.
    -Barbara Craven

Your success is our success

When you become a student with IAP, you join a community of like-minded people who are working together to positively impact the world.

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  • AHA - Australian Hypnotherapists Association

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