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Pregnancy Yoga
Member since
Mar 2010

Small Blessings Yoga

Contact Name Jai Ram
Phone 0417 600 711
Mobile 0417 600 711
Address Yoga on Harris
15 Harris St
Palmyra WA 6157
Servicing Areas Classes in Palmyra
Fax 0417 600 711
"The strongest thing in the world is the heart of the mother.. It can move the universe." Yogi Bhajan

Small Blessings - Pregnancy Yoga

Small Blessings provides pregnancy yoga courses of average 10 weeks in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, though you can take as many of these as you wish, and the best is to do it right up to the birth. This integrative approach gives you physical strength and relaxation and mental and emotional confidence and calm, training you to listen ever more deeply to your own body. We take the approach that there is no better expert about your body and your baby than you yourself.. and that this connection to your inner knowing can be found and nurtured so that it becomes your greatest support.

Each class includes yoga movements and postures with conscious breathing, deep relaxation, chanting and meditation.

There is also in each class an element of inspiration and information. Here you will be offered insight into the time-tested wisdom of Kundalini Yoga humanology teachings on pregnancy and the journey to motherhood, as possibilities for you to contemplate according to your own life and feeling of what's right for you and your family. An important component of this part of class is also support for the birth and birth preparation - understanding birth physiology and psychology to enhance conscious choices for birth.

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Qualification Details

IKYTA Kundalini Yoga teacher, Conscious Pregnancy Teacher, Associate Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer, BA Arts, BA Dance, NLP Practitioner



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Pregnancy Yoga