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Yoga Courses (Australia)

The Heartland Centre Courses

Feldenkrais Method Classes and Workshops

Australian College of Classical Yoga

This is a one-year teacher training program that gives the student excellent training in the ability to teach Yoga and also in personal development.

Health and Harmony Colleges

Learn Yoga (Beginner & Intermediate) Online for only $695Affordable and Non-Government Accredited Trainingwith Easy Payment Plans to suit your needs. ...

FAQs About Yoga Courses

What is the qualification for yoga teacher?

Completing a 200-hour teacher training yoga course is the minimum qualification that you need to meet to pass as a qualified yoga teacher in Australia.

Is yoga a good career?

Yes, being a yoga teacher is a rewarding career. Not only do you get to teach different yoga postures and help others enhance their health, but you can also land your dream job in Australia's best yoga studio if not set up your own. A certified yoga teacher can earn anywhere from $43,598 to $60,000 annually.

Can I teach yoga without certification?

Yes, you can teach yoga even without a certification, but you won't be able to attract as many clients as a certified yoga teacher. Although unregulated in Australia, yoga enthusiasts still prefer to study the modality with a professional who has the documents to prove it.

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