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Well Fit Massage - Sports Massage Brisbane

196 Kitchener Rd
Kedron QLD 4031

Well Fit Massage - Sports Massage Brisbane

Located in Kedron, Sports Massage Brisbane provides a range of Oriental massage modalities to improve your physical well being.

Sports Massage Brisbane - Oriental Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese Massage Modality. Shiatsu literally means finger pressure. it is a harmonising therapy and has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupressure is often described as acupuncture without the needles. It involves the application of manual pressure usually with the fingertips to specific energy points on the body.

Reflexology involves pressure being applied to pressure points on the feet and hands to promote relaxation and healing elsewhere in the body.

Chinese Cupping
Cupping is an ancient Chinese healing method which involves a partial vacuum being created in cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction. When the cup is left in place on the skin for a few minutes, blood stasis is formed and localised healing takes place.

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  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Shiatsu/ Oriental Therapies
  • Diploma of Sport (Athlete Support Services - Remedial Massage)
  • Certificate IV in Massage
  • Certificate IV in Shiatsu
  • Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage (An Mo Tui Na)

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