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Feng Shui Courses (Australia)

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Learn Feng Shui (Traditional) Online for only $645Affordable and Non-Government Accredited Trainingwith Easy Payment Plans to suit your needs.

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FAQs About Feng Shui Courses

What are the different schools of feng shui?

Most feng shui schools offer classical feng shui, which influences the flow of energy from the environment into a home based on its architectural design, the five elements and the needs of its occupants. However, there is also a Black Hat school that teaches the use of a bagua mirror on the front and rear doors of the house, which is unacceptable in classical feng shui.

How do you attract money in feng shui?

As well as decorating your house with wealth vases, a fish tank and fresh plants, you can invite wealth into your home by getting rid of broken items.

How long does feng shui take to work?

Some people see immediate results after applying feng shui to their homes, while others have to wait a bit longer. According to feng shui masters, feng shui produces faster and lasting results when it works alongside an individual's Chinese astrology, otherwise known as Bazi.

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