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Energetic Medicine

bodytalk New South Wales

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Sue Saxby

Raymond Terrace, New South Wales

0429 871 596

Positive living and learning. Relax, Renew, Revitalise!

Heather Tilden

Banora Point, New South Wales



Real Help for Pain, Stress, Injury and Illness

Trish Purtell

Albury, New South Wales

0408 414 221

If you are looking for a sense of complete health, wellbeing and balance in your life, kinesiology could be of benefit to you.

Family Matters Nutrition

Family Matters Nutrition and Wellbeing

Vicki Morley

Hornsby, New South Wales

0410 659 677

Whole Person: Whole Foods

Catherine Vlachos

Wollongong, New South Wales

0409 717 327

0409 717 327

Intimacy Divine is a sanctuary and centre of complete balance, harmony, love and safety that will assist you along your journey into the...

BodyTalk Sessions

Be Well Health Collective

Ava Leonard

Chatswood, New South Wales

0401 434 720

No diagnoses, no pills, just a correction at a fundamental level. Discover your body’s capacity for self-correction and self-healing!

Mysan Yoga, The Sanctuary

Kincumber, New South Wales

Welcome to MYSAN Yoga The Sanctuary Our yoga classes are taught in a group class setting yet our emphasis is to provide a safe and...

About Senses and Stillness Yoga School

Senses and Stillness Yoga and Integrative Mind-Body Clinic

Vijoleta Braach-Maksvytis

Marrickville, New South Wales


If you haven't been in touch with your soul lately, you'll be in for a treat' (Amanda Wilson, Sydney Morning Herald)

Astrid Pickup

Thornleigh, New South Wales

02 9945 1411

0403 802 708

Mind - Body - Soul

Regina Bonassi

Bathurst, New South Wales

0414 907 918

Embracing change and healing is easier than you might expect. Holistic Healthcare Bathurst is centred on The BodyTalk System™,...

Energetic Medicine