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Massage - Ayurvedic & Whole Body

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Ayurveda is the traditional healing system of India and has a recorded history of more than 3000 years. Literally translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda is life-knowledge (ayu – life and veda – knowledge). It has its foundations in the belief that there are five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth), which form the building blocks of the Tridosha – the three doshas that comprise the chemical nature of the body.

The three doshas are: Vata (wind), Pitta (bile) and Kapha (mucous), when combined they create our temperament or constitution. Illness or dis-ease occurs when there is an imbalance in the flow of these energies.

Ayurveda Massage is a highly regarded aspect of the Ayurvedic medical system and follows the same principles. It is used to assist in the breaking down and removal of toxins within both the physical and subtle bodies. Toxins (Ama) are believed to be unprocessed, putrified waste products that have been held in the body, the longer the body retains the stagnant waste, the more difficult it is to remove. Aches and pains are believed to be a block in the flow of Vata, or wind in the body.

Ayurveda Massage uses the warmth created by rubbing and steam, and the therapeutic properties of oils and herbs to stimulate the flow of energy in the body, releasing stagnation and obstructions to the balanced flow of the doshas. A range of strokes and techniques will be used depending on the nature of the energy being worked on.

Much-like Acupuncture, Ayurveda uses a system of Marma points or trigger points to release tension and improve the flow of lymph, blood and circulation in the body. Depending on the purpose of the treatment, the massage will often be brought to a close by an invigorating wash or scrub with a herbal preparation.

Ayurveda offers a multitude of Massage Therapies to deal with conditions as diverse as:

•    Fatigue
•    Aging
•    Excessive flatulence
•    Failing eyesight
•    Poor circulation
•    Insomnia
•    Recovery from illness
•    Stress and tension
•    Pregnancy

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