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Antenatal Classes

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When it comes to preparing for childbirth and early parenthood, there are many different antenatal classes and programs available. Some of these include:


Hypnobirthing utilises the principles of hypnosis to help a mother better manage the pain associated with the birth and labour process.  Hypnosis is similar to a state of relaxation that is experienced when your focus your entire thoughts on one subject, to the exclusion of all else. This encourages the release of endorphins – the so-called feel good hormones – which will help to alleviate the pain, while keeping you fully aware of the birthing process. For more see hypnobirthing.


Relaxation is key to the CALMBIRTH® approach, and is achieved by meditative techniques designed to lower blood pressure, heart rates and metabolic rates. The technique also emphasises and utilises the link between mind and body in encouraging mothers to be more involved in the whole birth process and assist couples to create a calm, joyful and even ecstatic birth experience. For more information see CALMBIRTH

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga can be used as a tool to help you maintain your fitness while you are pregnant.  When stretching or yoga is performed, the muscles in the body are being toned and you are gaining flexibility without placing strain on your joints.  Yoga is also useful because it teaches you how to breathe and relax. For more see pregnancy yoga.

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    Relaxation is key to the calmbirth® approach, and is achieved by meditative techniques designed to lower blood pressure, heart rates and metabolic rates.

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