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Maylands Wellness Centre

Maylands Wellness Centre - DNA Gene Testing

Inglewood, WA, 6052

Member since 2015

Understand more about your DNA using Fitgenes DNA gene profile or 23andme reports

Joint pain Carb choice Gastrointestinal disorders Natural health Health issues Facial Depression Anti-aging Private health Physical health

Byford Health Care

About Us

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2011

WELCOME To Byford Health Care Clinic...

Scoliosis Tension Private health Headaches Love Rehabilitation Anxiety Fibromyalgia Plantar fasciitis Stiffness

Eloise Charleson

Comprehensive Testing in Perth & Mosman Park

Mosman Park, WA, 6012

Member since 2018

Comprehensive Testing We strive to understand the underlying cause of your current health concerns. We offer microbiome analysis, DNA tests, thyroid assessment, salivary hormones, food intolerance testing

Vision Eczema Intolerance Mental health Hormones Colic Bloating Allergies Pregnancy support Energy

Kelly Lamb Naturopath

Kelly Lamb Naturopath

Mandurah, 6210

Member since 2011

Kelly is a fully qualified Naturopath who has 4 years international experience having worked alongside other health professionals in London. Conditions that Kelly commonly observes in her clinic include stress-related disorders, menopause, PMS, thyroid problems, weight gain, skin problems, sleep disturbances, arthritis and fertility problems.

Insomnia Natural health Weight management Hormones Cellulite massage Arthritis Ageing Business Feet Wellness

iDNA Health

DNA Gene testing

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2010

Understand more about your DNA using iDNA Health Gene Profile, AMY 1 Gene or 23andme Reports

Obesity Lack of motivation Fitness Ageing Adrenal fatigue Graves disease Schizophrenia Vitality Love Cosmetic surgery

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