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FAQs About Aromatherapy Courses

How long does it take to study aromatherapy?

The length of your study will depend on the program you sign up for and the credit hours that you take. The Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy, for instance, can take from a year and a half to two. On the other hand, a short foundation course which walks you through the fundamentals of aromatherapy can be completed in less than four months.

How much does a clinical aromatherapist make?

A clinical aromatherapist in Australia can earn between $60K and 80K a year. The figures depend primarily on their work location, specialisation and the average number of clients that they see in a month.

Does aromatherapy actually work?

Yes, it absolutely does. Several studies have proven the efficacy of essential oils in relieving pain, stress, anxiety and other mental, emotional and physical conditions. Their scent affects the limbic system, a region of the brain that is responsible for regulating emotions, memory, stress, blood pressure and breathing.

Is aromatherapy good for depression?

Yes, it is. Aromatherapy helps relieve depression through the inhalation of essential oils. These therapeutic oil blends can also be used in massage to calm the nerves, hence improving overall wellbeing.

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