Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty Therapy Courses (Australia)

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FAQs About Beauty Therapy Courses

What do you study in beauty therapy?

A beauty therapy course covers subjects on face and body treatments, hair care, nail care, eye treatments, tanning, as well as holistic practices. These include certain types of massage therapies, aromatherapy, facial masks and reflexology.

How much do beauty therapists earn?

A qualified practitioner of beauty therapy in Australia can earn anywhere from $49,500 to $76,639 per year. The figures may vary according to the city they're working in, their level of experience and qualifications.

What qualifications do I need to teach beauty therapy?

Receiving the right training and experience is key to landing a career as a beauty therapy trainer in Australia. You have to complete a Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy or the Diploma of Beauty Therapy to be considered a qualified trainer.

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