What is a Dietitian?

Dietitians are healthcare professionals who use food and nutrition to support the nutritional needs of patients in a clinical setting. They provide evidence-based advice and develop a diet plan tailored to each individual's health requirements. Dietitians also work in the food service industry, conducting research on product development, to ensure the safety and nutritional value of food products distributed in the market.

While they are often confused with nutritionists, dietitians have undergone more years of study as well as clinical training. That explains why dietitians can also be nutritionists, but nutritionists cannot be dietitians.

Dietitian courses in Australia

Why Study to Become a Dietitian?

As a dietitian, you will be able to use food as medicine to help other people manage their health conditions, ranging from food allergies and vitamin deficiency to diabetes and heart disease. A qualification in dietetics allows you to work in various healthcare settings, in research, in the educational sector or in private practice.

What Does It Take to Study Dietetics or Become a Dietitian?

Before you consider training as a dietitian, evaluate your interests, skills and goals. If you're passionate about educating others about the correlation between good nutrition and longevity, then you have the makings of a successful dietitian. Having a strong inclination towards natural science and its different branches, which are all covered in a dietetics course, will also help you get to your goals faster.

Course and Study Options for Dietitians

The road to becoming a qualified dietitian is long, but it offers a treasure trove of knowledge, skills and tools for a rewarding career ahead. It will take roughly six years to complete your journey, which starts with a bachelor's degree and culminates in a postgraduate degree in dietetics.

Some colleges and universities deliver their courses in a traditional classroom setting, while others do it online or through a blended learning system. Make sure to choose a platform which suits your lifestyle to avoid potential roadblocks in your studies.

How to Choose a School or Course in Dietetics

Find a dietitian course approved by the Dieticians Association of Australia (DAA), the peak body for dietetic and nutrition professionals, to ensure that you receive the proper education, not to mention Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) status. Only dietitians who have completed a DAA approved APD program are awarded APD status.

Since our goal is to connect you with an accredited university that offers a nationally recognised curriculum, we have listed some of Australia's best at the top of this page. After going over each provider's syllabus, we suggest getting in touch with their course advisor so that you can learn more about their program, course fees and faculty members, among others.