What is Dorn Therapy?

Dorn therapy is a type of holistic, non-manipulative treatment approach to correcting spine misalignment and other vertebrae issues that cause pain and discomfort. During a treatment session, the therapist applies gentle pressure on the affected area while the client performs guided movements to get the dislocated joint back into place.  

In addition to performing realignment techniques, the therapist provides the client with self-care exercises which they can do at home to prevent future joint problems and maintain a balanced body structure. Dorn therapy can help address a wide range of structural problems, including back and neck pain, sciatica, leg length discrepancy, hip pain, headaches, tennis elbow, arthritis and several chronic conditions.

Dorn Therapy Courses in Australia

Why Study Dorn Therapy?

The Dorn Method is a unique form of manual therapy because it is completely painless, not to mention it reaps positive results in the shortest possible time. Whether you're a massage therapist, naturopath, chiropractor or completely new to complementary medicine, completing a qualification in this modality will take your career onto the next level and unlock new doors to lucrative opportunities.    

What Does It Take to Study Dorn Therapy or Become a Practitioner of It?

A course in Dorn therapy covers the basic topics in anatomy and physiology, so you'll definitely have fun studying it if you have a good grounding in these subjects. It also pays to have good conversational and listening skills, as well as empathy, so that you can effectively address the underlying cause of the presenting problem.

Course and Study Options for Dorn Therapy

Becoming a certified Dorn Method practitioner does not require months or years of study. You can obtain your qualification in two days after completing the certification course, which consists of the theoretical and practical aspects of the modality.

Although the course is usually delivered face-to-face as it comes with hands-on training, some course providers offer an online option for the benefit of students who couldn't attend classes on-campus because of work, family or other day-to-day commitments.

How to Choose a School or Course in Dorn Therapy

Dorn therapy may not take long to learn, but studying at a learning institution recognised by the Dorn Method Academy Australia (DMAA) is crucial, especially if your goal is to secure a professional qualification to practise the modality. The DMAA is the peak organisation for certified Dorn therapists in the country.

To assist you in your journey to becoming a certified Dorn Method therapist, we have provided a list of qualified course providers at the top of this page. As you go through their offerings, note down those that are in line with your goals and find time to speak with their course advisers to learn more about their course material, tuition fees, delivery method and faculty members. By doing so, you can guarantee yourself the best Dorn Method training.