What is Infant Massage?

Infant massage is a gentle form of manual therapy that supports a baby's physical, mental and emotional development. It aids in digestion, improves blood circulation, promotes relaxation, improves sleep patterns, and most importantly it increases the emotional bond between parents and their babies.

Applying light pressure on a baby's face and body during an infant massage session can help address common conditions that affect them like colds, constipation, colic and gastroesophageal reflux, among others.

Infant Massage Courses in Australia

Why Study Infant Massage?

Infant massage is a beautiful experience that every parent would like to experience with their baby. By studying this modality, you can help new and expectant parents nurture the health of their babies in a gentle, loving manner. Nothing can be more rewarding than having a hand in the holistic development of a child.

Moreover, a certificate in infant massage will allow you to work with parents and babies in various settings. You can set up your own massage clinic and conduct classes for parents, or work in different healthcare environments for children such as day-care centres, neonatal intensive care units and orphanages, among others.

What Does It Take to Study Infant Massage or Become a Practitioner of It?

A certificate in infant massage doesn't require any specific educational requirements. So long as you have a desire to teach parents and support them in their journey to raising their babies into healthy individuals, you are qualified to take the certification course. 

It's also worth mentioning that having a high emotional quotient is key to understanding the needs of babies, as well as assisting parents in addressing these needs in the most effective manner. 

Course and Study Options for Infant Massage

In order to become a qualified infant massage therapist, you have to complete a four-day certification course that covers the history of infant massage, its benefits, the proper way to handle preterm babies or those with special needs, and various baby massage strokes like Indian milking, Swedish milking, fanning and I love you, to name a few.

You will also learn the best time to massage a baby, when not to massage them, as well as how to facilitate massage classes for parents. Most schools deliver face-to-face courses, but there are also several that offer distance education, which is beneficial for students who want to learn this modality without compromising their work and other day-to-day commitments.

How to Choose a School or Course in Infant Massage

Not all massage therapy schools are accredited by the International Association of Infant Massage Australia Inc. (IAIM), which oversees the education and training standards of infant massage course providers in more than 50 countries. That said, you must look for one that is approved by IAIM to ensure that your qualification is recognised by your future employer and clients.

To assist you in your selection, we have provided a comprehensive list of qualified learning institutions for infant massage at the top of this page. Take the time to explore and compare their offerings to end up in one that meets your goals. Each school has its own curriculum, learning platforms, course fees and delivery methods, which you want to take into account before making a final decision.

Your level of astuteness will not only lead you to the best training ground, but it shall unlock the door to your success as a certified infant massage therapists.