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FAQs About Online Massage Courses

What does one do to become a massage therapist?

A massage therapist bears the innate passion to improve the health of others and the skills required to make it happen. To become a specialist in the massage realm, you have to take up formal training in a massage course and learn the principles of massage therapy as well as the skills required to perform it well.

Can I get a massage therapy degree online?

Yes, you certainly can. Completing an accredited online massage therapy course will provide you with the qualification that you need to practise the modality on a professional level.

What courses can be taken to become a massage therapist?

Taking an online Certificate IV in Massage Therapy provides you with the fundamental skills and knowledge in addressing muscle tension and relaxing a client’s body. On the other hand, if you're already a massage therapist and wish to upskill, an online Diploma of Remedial Massage will surely boost your career.

What are the requirements for an online massage therapy course?

While some schools offering online massage courses have an age requirement, most do not have much requirements besides a computer set up in your home and access to the internet. You will also be required to install the school's learning management system where the course outline, training modules, homework,and schedule of written and practical exams, among other things, are posted.

What topics are covered in an online massage therapy course?

An online massage therapy course covers essential massage techniques that will prepare you for a rewarding career in massage. On the other hand, an advanced massage course covers a wider range of topics related to injury prevention and remedial sports massage. The latter also guides you on how to set up and manage your own massage business.

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