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Anne Schubert

Servicing area: Great Lakes, NSW

"My enthusiasm for instructing new participants has not waned since my very first four-day workshop in 1994. Now, with the superb manuals and excellent Modular Program, I delight in guiding others in developing both manipulative skill as well as an enthusiasm and understanding of the philosophy of the outstanding Bowen Technique."

Anne Schubert

Anne Schubert has been a Bowen Therapist since 1987 and a Bowen Instructor since 1994, she travels Australia and the world instructing Mind Body Bowen Courses.

Anne, has been a professional educator for over 40 years as well as a sports coach and fitness industry trainer. From 1980 she ran a remedial and sports therapy clinic in Forster NSW. In 1987 she was one of the original Bowen students of Ossie and Elaine Rentsch and went on to become a registered Bowtech Instructor in 1994.

Currently, as well as running a general Bowen practice, she has developed a particular interest in working with babies and children, including accessing the inner child in us all. Anne shares in the Bowen Retreat workshop this experience of the fascinating ability of Bowenwork to aid in the release of memory and facilitate Mind Body integration.


'Becoming a Bowen Instructor began one of the most rewarding passages of my life.

Having the opportunity to guide others to effectively use this eminently successful body therapy has become a consuming passion for me.

The Mind Body Bowen approach has also been added to my Instructor portfolio and, with Margaret Spicer, we travel Australia and the world as Bowtech Ambassadors.'


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Anne Schubert Bowen Training