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Advance your fitness career with this must-have nutrition software & training!

LEAN Nutrition Tech & Coaching

Course Overview

AFA has teamed up with the experts at LEAN Nutrition Tech to facilitate the education delivery and roll-out of a new revolutionary meal planning platform, created and managed by Australian dietitians. 

Health & Physical By LEAN, which is designed specifically for the Australian fitness industry, allows you as a Personal Trainer to deliver meal plans to your clients, completely within the scope of practice when other nutrition courses and software do not provide you with this ability or professional protection.

Initially, you’ll need to complete the LEAN Nutrition Tech & Coaching training course, which is comprised of five short modules that will provide participants with the basics of applied nutrition, nutritional coaching techniques and user training for the platform.

Upon completion of this course, you will have full, unlimited access to the Health & Physical By LEAN platform, helping you achieve better results for your clients, offer more health & fitness services and generate extra revenue!

Course Information

Upon enrolling onto this course, you’ll get access to 5 modules via our Online Learning Portal, where you’ll have access to interactive slideshows and presentations before completing quiz-based assessments at the end of each module.

The course duration is approximately 8 hours, but you’ll have up to 3 months to complete it. At the end of the course, you’ll need to take part in a live webinar, where you’ll complete scenarios using the Health & Physical By LEAN platform.


Module 1
The Basics of Applied Nutrition

Module 2
LEAN Nutrition Methods

Module 3
LEAN Coaching

Module 4
Health & Physical By LEAN User Training

Module 5
Using Health & Physical By LEAN In Your Business

Features of Health & Physical By LEAN

Developed by Australian dietitians, this platform manages the technicalities of meal planning using the latest scientific data & clinical evidence.

After submitting various client screening information, Health & Physical By LEAN will automatically generate the most relevant meal plans for your clients, providing them with:

  • Automated Meal Plan Generator
  • Multiple Nutrition Methods To Choose From
  • Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten-Free Options
  • Biometric Recording
  • Progress Monitoring & Notes
  • Nutrition Information Sheets
  • Video Instructions & Tips From Dietitians
  • Weekly Shopping Lists, Including Australia Brands
  • Recipes & Meal Preparation
  • Access To Accredited Dietitians Via Video Conferencing

Getting Started

The first step to completing the LEAN Nutrition Tech & Coaching course is to enrol into the Short Qualification, which will take only a few minutes to do. 

At the same time, you’ll also need to select one of three subscription options for the Health & Physical By LEAN platform, which include: 3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months.

By completing the LEAN Nutrition Tech & Coaching course, you’ll get access to the Health & Physical By LEAN platform, which will complement your fitness services perfectly by allowing you to deliver Meal Plans and Nutritional Programs.

You can utilise this platform to generate additional income through Health & Fitness Challenges, Body Composition Analysis and other nutritional services that will help your clients achieve better overall results.

Get in touch now to learn more about the Australian Fitness Academy – LEAN Nutrition Tech & Coaching course.

Limited spots remaining. Enquire now to secure your spot. Click the Button Below ▼

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