Best Brain Gym Practitioners in Mandurah WA

Live and Learn Kinesiology Practice

Emotional Wellbeing

Harrisdale, WA, 6112

Member since 2004

Live and Learn! Tune in and tune up your life!

Energy Cleansing Energetic medicine Brain integration Family health Coordination Well-being Arthritis Anxiety Learning difficulties

Lee-Anne MacLeod

Brain Gym & Kinesiology Centre of W.A

Palmyra, WA, 6157

Member since 2004

My specialty is Brain Gym, Kinesiology & Neuro-Kinesiology. Working from a Medical Surgery in Palmyra plus our clinic in Nedlands. I stimulate your bodies own ability to heal itself by using movement, touch and energetic science. This empowers the individual to help him/herself while gaining confidence and control again!

Auditory processing Movement Joy Central auditory processing Parkinson's disease Telehealth Health issues Growth Dyslexia Speech delay

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Monica Gauci

Yoga School

Leederville, WA, 6007

Member since 2016

Yoga (All), Body Harmony, Meditation, Chiropractic, Brain Gym, Weight Loss, Breathwork, Women's Health, Corporate Yoga, Hatha...

Nurturing Love HIV

The Brain Trainer

The Brain Trainer_SouthWest

Bunbury, WA, 6230

Member since 2020

Your brain is the centre of your central nervous system. It is a complicated control centre responsible for controlling ALL the...

Resilience Trauma Anxiety Spiritual growth Telehealth Growth Depression Fitness

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