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Reboot your life with holistic wellness coaching!

Amethyst Yoga and Healing - Holistic Wellness Coaching

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Most of us actually know what we need to be doing to get where we want to go.  We know what we “should” be eating, how much we “should” be exercising, meditating, etc…. but it’s really hard to do these things on your own.

These days, we also know that feeling really well (not just looking how the world thinks you’re “supposed” to look) is actually about how we feel about ourselves, how we nurture our relationships and living on purpose.   It’s more than just a diet and exercise plan. If you're looking for someone to help you lose 5kg fast - Kaye's not that coach. 

Using tools from coaching psychology and counselling, as well as insights from yoga and meditation practice, Kaye can support you to connect with what’s really important to you and help you design your own path to get there.  She will also stay with you as you chart your own course, providing non-judgmental accountability and helping you stay connected with what really matters.  

We recommend around six sessions over a period of three months to really see changes in your life.  To see if Kaye's approach might work for you, email for a free 15-minute chat.

Qualification details

Wellness Coaching
Level 1 and Level 2 Wellness Coaching, Wellness Coaching Australia

Diploma in Counselling, Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

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