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Focusing on Fitness & Relaxation 11 years experience in teaching

Anne Belinda's Chair Yoga and Meditation Classes

Servicing area

Tannum Sands & surrounding Gladstone area Queensland, including Calliope, Biloela, Banaraby, Bororen, Miriam Vale

Focus areas

Headaches Muscle relaxation Muscle tension Loneliness Tight muscles Nurturing

Chair Yoga Classes

Class Times on the verandah at 3 Trevally St, Tannum Sands.  $15. Discount for more then 1 class in a week.    Bookings are now essential 0428511019

7am Tuesday

5.00pm Wednesday

7am Thursday


Please contact me if at all interested I am happy to answer any enqueries

Chair Yoga classes has mainly the same poses as traditional yoga but is done in a chair, having the same benifits as floor yoga. It is gentle (but you can make it challenging) If you dont like getting down on the floor these are the classes for you. There is no stigma or competition.

Come in comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. It is definitely not a fashion parade. 

This style or fitness classes are relatively new & is suitable for those who want to alleviate the side effects of sitting / standing for long periods of time causing pain & stiffness or just the feeling of being lethargic. Theses classes are suitable for almost anyone, whether old or young fit or no so fit. It is a great first step towards fitness & relaxation (you will have some minutes to relax at the end of the class as we do a small meditation).

You work at your own pace, listening to your body & mind.

Don't think you won't get a workout! Come & try it out. You'll push your limits but you will do it gently & safely. Not only keeping your body fit & toned, but providing innumerable benefits to the internal systems of the body. Even a little effort at this exercise is repaid almost instantly with greatly increased feelings of well being. With regular attendance you will feel fitter, more energised & your skin & mind will be clearer.

The 1 hr classes are carefully structured & begin with stretching & breathing exercises, moving onto specific exercises starting with the feet, legs & hips, followed by exercises/stretches for the back, neck, shoulders, arms & hands, finally using the whole body. The class finishes with a relaxation /meditation session while still sitting on your chair.

These simple & effective techniques, will release accumulated tension. Consciously stretching the whole body stimulates the nervous system relieving back, neck, shoulder pain/ tension & the breathing exercises bring oxygen to the blood thus increasing energy flow & clear thinking, while relaxation calms your thoughts & releasing feelings of stress.

Regular attendence of these classes will improve posture, cultivates good habits & enhances a healthy lifestyle. You will achieve a strong & supple body as well as a calm peaceful mind.

Meditation Classes

Class held on the verandah at 3 Trevally St, Tannum Sands.

Tuesday 6pm    $15. Bookings essential. Contact 0428511019. BYO mat,cushion & blankie/ sarong 

The Class is suitable for both the beginner & experienced. Each class will have a body relaxation segment. Different styles of meditation will be experienced to enable you to discover what is best suited to you.

Meditation is about making friends with yourself, taking time to feel the calmness & peace within.The classes allow you to discover yourself & learn to love & respect yourself while feeling the real benefits of meditation. You will feel deeply kind & accepting towards yourself as well as to others.
Meditation is like spring cleaning the mind, if we want peace & clarity, we must clean away the dust & cobwebs first.

Meditation can also help:

  • Increase energy
  • Unleash creativity
  • Relieve insomnia
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Reduce fear and anxiety
  • Create inner peace & calmness
  • Help reverse disease

In these classes you will learn how easy it is to meditate, create more relaxation & bring balance into your life.

Check out the workshop page for any up coming events &  Anne Belindas Massage Tannum Sands Face Book for the latest happenings

Please contact Anne Belinda to book your space today.
Call 0428511019


6 Services

Hawaiian Release Massage

$80 Per hour

When you need that release of sore muscles and/or mental stress tailored to your needs. Hot rocks maybe an add on for a deeper release.

Neck Back Shoulders Massage

$45 Per session

30 minutes usually deep tissue relieving muscle & head tension includes head massage. Hot rocks maybe an add on


  • Kahuna Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Meditation
  • Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Heated Stone Massage
  • Chair Yoga
  • Chair Massage

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