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At Canberra Body Harmony® School, we provide Bodywork and Herbal/Homoeopathic consultations. Helping you Move Easier, Breathe Easier, Feel Better and Live Better

Canberra Body Harmony School - Consultations

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When you come for a session, you can book for a specific type of session, or when we see you, we can see which type of session is most suitable.

Sessions are based on where you are today, now, and what you are hoping to achieve by coming to see me.

Regardless of which modalities I use, I am working with YOU, the person in front of me. I do not work with issues; a disease, just you. The treatment plan will be different from person to person and, any remedies prescribed, will be tailored to you. 

Bodywork may be in the form of


    • Body Harmony® Sessions


    • Body Harmony® Teaching Sessions


    • Massage

Herbal /Homoeopathic consultations may include


    • Homoeopathy


    • Herbal Medicine


    • Tissue Salts and Facial Analysis


    • Bach Flower Remedies


    • Supplements


    • Iridology


What does a session with Robyn Barraclough look like?


What to Expect in a Session:

When you come for your first visit, I like to take a detailed history, this gives me the background I need if I am going to prescribe herbs, homoeopathics, tissue salts or supplements.

I will often include bodywork – Body Harmony® , into this or subsequent consultations, because experience has shown me that we get a fuller picture of what is going on, and achieve better, sustainable results. Added to that, you often gain insights or experiences that start you on your way.

If you come for a herbal /homoeopathic consult I will choose from herbs, homoeopathics, supplements, Bach Flower remedies, or tissue salts to suit your presentation.

If you have had Body Harmony® you may not be prescribed anything on the first consultation, so that I can get a clearer idea after the bodywork has had, and to allow any remedy picture to become clearer.




Herbal Medicine

I have a very healthy respect for herbal medicine. Herbal Medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat people. 
Even many of today’s drugs started out as synthesised versions of plants, for example, aspirin was based on the herbal use of willow. 

When we treat with herbs, we are look at you, a whole person, not just one symptom. We look for a “fit” of your “symptom picture” to the herb or herbs we prescribe. We choose a dosage that fits your energy levels, the severity of your symptoms, and is likely to stimulate your body towards healing.


Homan – similar
Pathos – suffering

If a homeopathic remedy is chosen for you, it may be in the form of pillules or drops to be taken in a dose that is appropriate to you. I may ask you to contact me in a couple days or a week so that I can hear how the remedy is going for you, and make any adjustments to dosage if required. 

This is an important part of your consultation. It helps me to give you the best care I can. 

Tissue Salts

Biochemic remedies, or tissue salts were discovered and developed by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, (1822-1893). They are based on the 12 essential mineral salts within our bodies.

Tissue salts work at the biochemical level, stimulating and regulating our use of minerals in the body, at a cellular level. There are a number of indicators for specific tissue salts, ranging from case history information, to facial analysis. 

For facial analysis it is important to come to your consultation without any makeup, as we look at your skin colours as part of the guideline for prescription.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies were created by Dr. Edward Bach, in his search to find plants that could heal the sick with no ill-effects. Bach flower remedies treat the mood and temperament of the person, not the physical illness. 

“The individual is treated, and as he becomes well, the disease goes, having been cast off by the increase in health.” Dr Bach stressed that his remedies could be used with any other form of treatment, and would not clash or interfere. The best known of these is Rescue Remedy for times of stress or trauma.


Diagnostic Tools



Iridology is the study of the patterns within your irises in conjunction with your case history. Iridology is seeing how life’s experiences have impacted on your body over time as reflected in your irises. Iridology can help give clarity to your case, and assist with the selection of appropriate remedies and treatments.

These impacts may have come from physical stresses, emotional stresses or environmental stresses. This is where your case history, and my questions become important to help ascertain where the stresses have come from, combined with the picture of your irises to see the effects on your physiology as reflected through your eyes.

Facial Analysis

Facial analysis can be used to help refine remedy selection, particularly of Tissue salts or Homoeopathics. Your face can hold clues to mineral excess or deficiency, or life patterns. When we do facial analysis, I may take some photos for further reference, and clarity.




Body Harmony

For more information about Body Harmony® Click Here to read more about this modality for both consultations and courses

Body Harmony® Teaching Sessions

Teaching sessions can be designed around improving specific techniques, addressing perceived challenges, assist with personal blocks or issues, and more. Come with a clear intention to achieve the greatest results.

Sessions are offered to Students and Practitioners of Body Harmony® as a resource to improve the quality and accuracy of their touch. Body Harmony® Practitioners, as members of the International Body Harmony® Guild, are required to take teaching sessions as part of their ongoing Certification and training in Body Harmony®.


Massage is one of the most well known forms of bodywork.


  • Advanced Diploma Classical Herbal Medicine (dorothy Hall)
  • Diploma Natural Medicines

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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