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Hi Carol,
Although you only saw me 2 times 6 weeks ago, really think you've helped me. I've already stopped drinking and taking the anti-depressants pills now. The smoking, is on and off but soon no more. The stress from my work is not bothering me any more, even though I'm in a high pressure job. I don't understand how you've fixed me but you have. Thank you for your time. I think my brain is still fixing itself! Thank you again Carol, you are a wonderful person.

Travis - May 2012

I have known Carol and her husband Kim for 25 years and I want to say this: she is the MOST generous, caring, committed, positive and generally extraordinary person I have ever met. Anyone thinking of weight loss, smoking or any other new years life change would be crazy not to see Carol and let her weave her magic. She has helped me personally with my negative beliefs, and when I've been down or unsure she has helped me get back on track. Carol has an intuitive and loving way of healing. She is the salt of the earth , and always over delivers in everything she does. Want to change your life ? Go see Carol !

Patrick Moore - December 2011

Dear Carol,
Thank u, thank u, thank u for showing me the way today. Loved it and I feel this is the beginning. Ur next level 1 Reiki is next..... Bring it on xxxx

Kylie - November 2011

Hi Carol,
Just updating you. I have lost 10kgs so far so thank you for helping me to be on my way to a healthy lifestyle, and being a "sexy bitch" for my wedding day. It's going a little slow but I am doing things right so thanks have a great week.

Amanda - November 2011

Dear Carol, Just wanted to contact you to tell you that since my sessions with you over 2 years ago for depression, I haven't looked back! As you know, my depression was so severe that I had tried to take my own life several times, from the age of 10, and again only 2 weeks before I saw you. I though there was no hope.

You were kind and patient with me and helped me overcome a lifetime of pain. I have never had a bad day since! My marriage has been saved, my job has been saved, I've lost weight and I no longer take things personally. I used to get upset every time someone would say something negative to me, but now I just think "gee, you're a dickhead mate, you must have some problems, and I can just let it bounce off like water off a duck's back.

I can't believe it only took 6 sessions after I'd been in therapy on and off for over 25 years with no real result! Thank you so much Carol. You saved my life and I am eternally grateful.

Matthew - November 2010

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