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Dani Divine Love

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Regain your vitality and let your angels enlighten you about goals in life.

Crystal Healing, Sound Healing & Intuitive Guidance Readings

Servicing area

Hills District of Sydney, Dural, Galston NSW. Also available via online sessions.

Focus areas

Stress management Joy Energy blocks Nurturing Love Readings

Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings

Dani Divine Love in Galston NSW triggers your body’s natural healing abilities and guides you to your real purpose in life through Crystal Healing, Sound Healing and Intuitive Guidance Readings.

Crystal Healing

This healing modality employs the power of crystals for energy cleansing and rebalancing. Dani will lay crystals at specific points on your body to support your inherent ability to heal and then bring your mind, body and emotions into harmony.

Crystals eliminate energy blocks from your aura. This type of healing can be done at a distance and still produce the same benefits. 

Sound Healing

Handmade Tibetan sound bowls emit therapeutic music that is in tune with each chakra. Dani uses these spiritual tools to clear out energy blocks and facilitate healing. You may receive sound therapy alone or alongside Reiki.

Intuitive Guidance Readings

Intuitive readings are meant to enlighten and guide you towards your goal at the moment. Dani relies on the messages of your angels to determine which path you need to take. Be specific about the issue you want to focus on so that she can tune into it.

Dani specialises in love readings, particularly those that concern soulmates and twin flames. It’s important to note that an intuitive is not the same as a psychic. Dani gives readings to guide you in making the best decision to obtain your current goal; she doesn’t predict the future.

Dani provides remote readings via phone, Skype or WhatsApp for clients abroad.

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