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Desiree Elyse

Endeavour Hills VIC 3802

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Everyday life can be chaotic and noisy. It is so easy to disconnect with our inner voices, and we can miss the signs that the universe shares with us. I will support you with my intuitive gift to quiet the noise and create an opportunity to receive the messages you need to hear. During our time together we connect with your energy and let it speak to us and offer guidance and love.

Desiree Elyse

Who can benefit

(Needing spiritual guidance:)

  • Those that have arrived at a crossroads in life and are unsure which path to take
  • If you are having trouble in your relationship
  • Not feeling fulfilled in your job
  • Wish to connect with someone that has passed
  • Have concern for a family member or friend
  • Would like to learn how to open up spiritually
  • Those interested in spirituality

What to expect during the consultation?

When you first arrive for your session I will explain how I work and what to expect and while I do this I am letting my spirit guides and the universe know I am ready to begin your consultation. From the moment you first book in with me I may start to receive full messages or even single words that they ask me to bring up to you so I will have these written down and ask if they mean anything to you. I only pass on loving messages that will help you to live your best life.

I will then ask you what has brought you to me and connecting in with your energy I will relay the guidance that they are giving. During the session, you may be speaking and I will have a notebook with me and I like to write down messages/ phrases or words I hear as I don't want to interrupt you while expressing yourself. I want you to feel relaxed like you are speaking to your best friend and can feel safe to talk about anything. The only thing I ask is for you to be open to receiving the messages, the more open you are the more you will get out of your session.
With the last 10 minutes of our consultation, you will have the option to pull an Angel card and experience beautiful communication from the Angels that guide you day-to-day.

After consultation

It is my intention that by the end of our session you will have undergone a positive transition and have gained insight into which steps need to be taken to move forward and guidance that encourages you to have love for yourself and affirm to you that you are not alone in life that you are always supported by the universe and spirit.

Numerology Reports

(Available by email or post)

What you can learn from your own personal numerology blueprint:

  • The path you have chosen to walk in this life and the lessons you have chosen to master
  • What you are destined to accomplish
  • What motivates you and what you need to feed your soul
  • How you project yourself to others
  • Karmic lessons you are here to learn
  • Special talents and abilities you have that will assist you in life


Thank you so much for your reading! The moment I sat down I felt warm, welcome and at peace. The things you were able to read were so accurate and spot on I had chills the entire time ... and a few tears 😂 I was also so lucky enough to get such a beautiful connection to a very special family member that has passed away, I can’t thank you enough for the peace and joy that brought me and for helping me heal my heart and mind without judgment. You truely are so gifted and empowering and I cannot recommend enough. Thank you thank you thank you 💕💕💕💕- Megan

Everything had been going great me, l felt l was drawn to Desiree for a reading, to be honest l was a little confused the night before if l should still go through with it, but again the last split second when l thought l was about to cancel l got this great feeling to go through with it. My reading with Desiree was very exciting and uplifting, the words that needed to come through to me was exactly what l needed to know. Desiree made it a very heart warming experience. Thank you Desiree.❤️ - Priscilla

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Desiree Elyse