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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Have you ever speculated as to what it really is that creates the gap between the goals people wish to achieve and then how they actually act upon them?

Wellness Coaching is able to provide an answer to this and close that gap. Wellness coaches are actively involved and support the individual client, providing them with direction about what they want to achieve, what may be blocking the path to their goals and after all this is complete, create a positive and achievable plan for action.

Wellness Coaching is based largely around the supportive relationship that is built with the client and the wellness coach. The role of a wellness coach is to empower and motivate their clients to continue to grow and achieve their goals. A wellness coach concentrates not on prescription but on facilitating the process in an understanding and respectful environment. This will allow the client to comfortably take responsibility for their actions, feel more confident in the progress that they make and ultimately feel like they have a partner who is there to help them every step of the journey. With a wellness coach you will achieve significantly more than what you would have on your own.

Wellness coaching helps you to:

  • Ensure success through support and accountability.
  • Track your progress and maintain motivation from within.
  • Recognise and evaluate your success.

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