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Infuse Health

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Unit 4
10 William St
Adamstown NSW 2289

Servicing area: Newcastle Region

Infuse Health

We believe in connecting you to your highest level of physical vitality; it is a primary foundation of our holistic principles. 

Infuse Health - Movement

Movement Gym

At Infuse Health we have a movement gym as we understand that through movement you can expand your physical capacity, control, and improve your awareness to do whatever activities you want in life.

It is our goal to provide you with the training to improve all areas of your physical abilities. With a strong passion for diversity and complexity, we draw inspiration and principles from gymnastics, strength training, animal locomotion, sports, martial arts, dance, callisthenics, yoga and whatever else crosses our paths and amend it to fit a general framework.

Our movement gym offers classes for people of all levels and of all abilities with progressions for the beginner right through to the highly experienced. In these classes, you will also develop self-confidence and self-reliance.

Ongoing practice will help your body to feel strong, energised, relaxed, improve your mental clarity and learn new skills and patterns quicker. On an emotional level, you will feel more empowered and notice an improvement in overall mood.

For more information about Movement Gym classes, view our website, send us an email or give us a call

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