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Hypnotherapy empowers you!

Inner Mind Therapies - Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is able to assist you to reach your and to make the changes you desire by utilising the power of your own mind! Every session is customised to your own personal requirements and needs.

Hypnotherapy differs greatly from stage hypnosis. You will remain in control at all times in the session. You can utilise the power of your own mind to achieve your objectives and to bring about the changes you desire.

For example an individual who wishes to utilise hypnotherapy for weight management can be helped to achieve this specific goal through the effective removal of any emotional reason to eat such as self-comfort, stress or boredom. Or perhaps you have simply developed a habit of eating the wrong foods at the wrong time.

Perhaps you are experiencing stress, anxiety or panic attacks. Some may feel out of control, hypnotherapy is able to help you to alleviate anxiety/stress along with offering you the required tools to re-establish control of your life.

These are only some of the various examples that hypnotherapy can help with.

Other examples include:


    • Motivation


    • Stress


    • Insomnia


    • Nail Biting


    • And more…


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