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Juliette Kristine

Juliette Kristine

Double Bay NSW 2028

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Juliette Kristine

It's my mission to help women just like you, get from where they are to where they long to be. I'm all about digging deep to discover what your soul truly desires, and then, doing the work to make it a reality. I call this manifesting with soul.

Juliette Kristine - About


Juliette Kristine is an Award Winning Manifestation Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer who specialises in helping women attract: Men, Money and Meaningful Careers. 

Her work combines Advanced Manifestation TechniquesIntuitive Healing and Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind to help her clients remove their inner blocks so they can become a magnet to their desires.

She’s all about digging deep to discover what your soul truly desires, and then doing the work to make it a reality. Juliette calls this Manifesting with Soul.


“Under Juliette’s watchful eye I was guided into a series of victories; my car, the development and launch of my very own website, a new job with a 25K pay rise, a long-awaited move to a beloved apartment, and to top it off a Louis Vuitton handbag.” - Jess Mathews

“Since meeting Juliette my entire life has changed. I never could have imagined it was possible to be living my dream life; I’ve now met my soulmate, manifested the money I needed to launch my dream business, and, for the first time, feel happy and fulfilled in every way.” - Amie Skilton

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Award Winning Manifestation Coach.

Certified Life Coach.

Advanced DNA Theta Healer.


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Advanced Manifestation Techniques
Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind
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