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Kylie Ansett

Castle Hill NSW 2154

Servicing area: Hills District, New South Wales

Kylie Ansett


Kylie Ansett - Soul Purpose Life Coaching

At some level, all of us are held back by limiting beliefs that stop us from living the life of our dreams

These beliefs are often formed early in life and rarely make rational sense, we can't rationally think or will them away.

But it is our subconscious brain that is behind making the important decisions in life so this can become a real problem.

We may know that we really want something, but it seems we are never quite able to get it.


Soul-Purpose Coaching is a rapid results method, where neither coach, nor even client, need know what is was that triggered the restrictive thinking, all we need to know is what results you desire.

Then working through a dynamic framework, we use specific procedures that stop any self-sabotaging dead in its tracks.

The processes are powerful enough to shift even life-long viewsrapidly and permanently.

It enables head (thoughts), heart (emotions), and hand (actions), to finally align with your core values.

You are able to connect with your true purpose, so you can live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.


I have been working full-time in the areas of healing and natural therapy for over twenty years.

And I have also always been fascinated with the power of the mind.

​I've made it my mission to understand and embrace the
untapped abilities of our mind to effect change in our lives.

I began to combine the powerful intuitive body reading I was doing, with the transformative mind power techniques I had mastered - I used these methods on myself to transform all areas of my life.

These were powerful sessions that healed and transformed on the deepest level.

I used these methods on myself, and with my clients to unlock inner powers only dreamed of...

          • To heal deep psychological wounds
          • To shift their reality around money
          • To mend broken or toxic relationships
          • To effectively deal with pain
          • To physically transform their body
          • To find love when all hope had been given up
          • To let go of mental and physical conditions that had plagued them for years
          • and many more...

After twenty-two years as a therapist, I am able to quickly see through the surface layers to the key issue you most struggle with and what is holding you back from moving beyond them.

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I hold the space and guide you to find satisfaction in all areas of your life through the powerful process of alignment.

It’s an opportunity to cut through the crap and take ultimate responsibility for everything in your life - because only then can you change it.

Transform your current reality around:

          • Financial abundance
          • Your relationships
          • Your body image and health
          • Your work and career

You will see improvements in all areas of your life when you implement the simple strategies I teach.

The Key to Unlock Your Own Wisdom

Let me be the guide that helps you unlock the wisdom you already possess

Soul Purpose Coaching
is the Key
to Gaining
Mastery Over Your Life.

 Look at what these people have to say:

          • This has been so helpful, you need to tell everyone about this! – T. Paldon
          • I cannot believe how my life has changed, and so quickly too. I have never felt so happy or at peace. Thankyou! – I. Nichol
          • After only a few sessions I experienced unbelievable relief. Each day I can see an increase in my ability to tap into my inner joy. It's a gift to know I have Kylie in my corner. - C. Rees

          • Kylie's coaching style is more guide than crutch - it enables me to understand how to tune into my own alignment and find my own answers. She shows the way, I do the work. - P. Tubin

          • I found it so useful to be able to get in contact with Kylie between our scheduled sessions, when it got a bit tricky or I needed some on the spot guidance There were times when I felt at a loss, and its been really useful having her at the end of the phone then. - D. Ama 
          • I have seen therapist and councillors and psychologists for my anxiety and physical symptoms for years. After just one session I saw more change than any of those had given me. And the amazing thing is, I know I can easily do this work myself anytime I want to. - R. Kint
          • Kylie really knows her stuff. I am always amazed at how she sees right through to the real issues. – J. Manfreed

I look forward to connecting with you!

Kylie "Alignment Whispere' Ansett

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Results Coaching Certificate - Authentic Education, Australia Elite Heart-Centered Coaching - Keohouho DSWA Coaching, Hawaii


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