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Member since
Mar 2013

Larissa Haramis - Personalised Yoga & Meditation

Phone 03 9724 9795
Mobile 0466 522 190
Address Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy
293 Dorset Rd
Croydon VIC 3136
Prenatal Yoga Classes are designed specifically to support you and your baby during pregnancy and child birth.

Larissa Haramis Personalised Yoga & Meditation - Prenatal Yoga Classes

Enjoy your pregnancy.

This weekly yoga class helps you have a healthier, happier and more comfortable pregnancy. Strengthen, stretch and support your body to cope with the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy and child birth.

Made for the needs of mums to be.

Each class helps address and manage common pregnancy discomforts and problems like back pain, sciatica, fluid retention, indigestion and heartburn. Small groups and personal attention means classes are tailored around participants’ needs.

Get ready for something wonderful.

Prepare your body and mind for child birth with meditation and visualisation so that you can more effectively manage anxiety, pain and discomfort leading up to and during child birth and approach this special time with confidence and ease.

Who is this for?
  • pregnant women in their second and third trimesters
  • women new to yoga or with previous experience
  • working women or stay-at-home moms who may not have much time to connect with their growing baby
  • women with SI joint dysfunction, sciatica, pubic symphysis dysfunction, high blood pressure, indigestion, breech or posterior presentation, back pain, or previous miscarriage
  • women in their first pregnancy or the fifth

What are the benefits of Prenatal Yoga Classes
  • to open, safely stretch the muscles of the pelvis, and hips to prepare for birth
  • to create strength and stamina in the legs and mentally for labour
  • to release tension in back, neck, shoulders, hips, and legs due to changing posture and weight of baby
  • increase and restore energy during pregnancy
  • calm the mind and body, and learn ways to approach feelings of anxiety
  • learn how to give birth actively, and naturally
  • to have a variety of tools to approach birth with confidence
  • share this precious time with other like-minded pregnant women

What can you expect?
  • we use props to allow the pregnant woman to feel supported and safe in postures
  • each class will include postures to stretch, and strengthen and restore the body, breathing practices to relax, balance, or energise the nervous system, and deep relaxation or visualisation to connect with yourself, your baby and prepare for birth
  • a small group of women to allow for individual attention
  • practice movements, and sounds to prepare for labour

Join our Prenatal Yoga Classes now.

When:Prenatal Yoga Classes with Larissa Haramis are held on Saturdays 8:45–10am & 10.15–11.30am. Classes are weekly and ongoing.
Where: Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy – 293 Dorset Road, Croydon VIC
How Much:Five Class Pass – $120
Bookings:Class sizes are limited to 8 participants so book now to reserve your place!
Phone: 0466 522 150 or 9724 9755
Email: [email protected]

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