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Conscious Heart Kinesiology

Molly Brumm

18 Hogan St
Keperra QLD 4054

Servicing area: Alderley, Keperra, North Brisbane and Moreton Bay Shire

Conscious Heart Kinesiology

I help you increase your energy, sleep better and de-stress so you can get on with your life!

Conscious Heart Kinesiology

About Me

Hello, I’m Molly Brumm and I’m your Stress GPS!

Since 1994 I have made Kinesiology my dominant health-care. Kinesiology has helped me to:

    • Process and release the pain and grief of losing my mum to cancer


    • Heal my menstrual cycle


    • Birth my three children naturally


    • Elevate the health of my family, my clients and myself


    • Empower my family, my clients and myself


    • Facilitate emotional healing, growth and movement forward


    • Strengthen and balance my spine, neck & shoulders


    • Improve my digestion


    • Achieve freedom from headaches, muscle tension and pain


    • Bounce back swiftly from life’s blows (death/divorce/job loss) with enhanced mental resilience and


    • Released and healed trauma from childhood giving me a fully integrated brain!


Would you like my skills, passion and help to unblock and release your issues?

Would you like to be free from everything that is holding you back?

I work individually with clients, run personal retreats and teach workshops in kinesiology and Chakra Energy. I am registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and the IKC as both a kinesiologist and a Touch For Health Instructor.

Kinesiology has dragged me out of dark times, gently encouraged me to evolve and alter, revealed my subconscious obstacles, my sabotaging behaviours and patterns, and even relieved savage headaches.

I know its power, would you like to too?

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Qualification Details

  • Registered with Australian Kinesiology Association
  • Touch For Health Instructor
  • Bachelor of Arts (Uni of Qld)
  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Deakin Uni)
  • Diploma Dramatic Arts, Acting (Vic College of Arts)
  • Speech and Drama Teacher (Trinity College of London)


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